TIBCO Sets New Bar for Messaging – Addresses Big Data, Administrative Burden and the Speed Barrier

First Message Switch and New Standalone TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ Appliance Products Keep TIBCO at Forefront of Messaging Advancements

TUCON 2012, Las Vegas, NV


25 September, 2012


Today at TUCON® 2012, TIBCO Software Inc.(NASDAQ: TIBX) announced two new products that push the speed boundaries and big data barriers of messaging technology: TIBCO FTL® Message Switch and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ Appliance.

TIBCO FTL® Message Switch brings unprecedented speed and continued advancement of the high performance data distribution TIBCO pioneered when it digitized Wall Street in the 1980s. The introduction of Enterprise Message Service™ Appliance provides the widely-used TIBCO Enterprise Message Service technology in a standalone appliance that easily "plugs into" the enterprise, resulting in reduced administrative and infrastructure costs, faster deployment and reduced latency.

Industry's First Messaging Switch

From market data feed-handlers to risk analysis engines to order systems from capital markets firms, the volume, variety and velocity of financial services data is exploding. The requirement to provide mission-critical messaging for increased volumes of data with reduced latency is crucial.

With the announcement of TIBCO FTL® Message Switch, TIBCO becomes the first company to introduce a truly integrated solution that brings together messaging and networking. This integration provides unparalleled access to large volumes and varieties of data that produces new intelligence and value. Extending TIBCO's highest performance messaging product, TIBCO FTL®, TIBCO FTL® Message Switch provides next-generation high-performance applications the ability to deliver superior performance by placing the application inside the network infrastructure.

"Since its inception, TIBCO has set the pace for messaging technology, and this announcement once again extends our technological lead. With the introduction of TIBCO FTL® Message Switch, TIBCO is offering messaging that is truly a part of the networking infrastructure. Working with Pluribus Networks, we're able to deliver a revolutionary product targeted at the high-volume, ultra-high speed requirements of the financial markets industry," said Denny Page, Chief Engineer of TIBCO Software.

"The introduction of TIBCO FTL® Message Switch means more applications can now take advantage of the supreme performance provided by TIBCO FTL®, in addition to getting the added benefit of deploying key applications inside the switch infrastructure itself," said Robert Drost, CEO of Pluribus Networks.

Primary features of TIBCO FTL® Message Switch include:

  • Customer ability to deploy application logic directly onto the switch, improving performance and reducing network latency.
  • 48 ports of 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and 4 ports of 40 Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Full support for Layer2 and Layer3 switching functionality.
  • Built-in network fault tolerance for fully redundant data paths.
  • Native support of TIBCO FTL® for high performance data distribution.

The Power of TIBCO Enterprise Message Service in a Single Form Factor

TIBCO Enterprise Message Service Appliance offers customers all the benefits of TIBCO's industry-leading messaging in a standalone appliance. This form factor reduces administrative and infrastructure costs by simplifying the management of large implementations and globally distributed systems. With TIBCO Enterprise Message Service Appliance, customers can take all the benefits they have built around their data distribution layer using TIBCO Enterprise Message Service and deploy an appliance solution that substantially improves throughput, lowers latency, and helps manage the sheer volume of data that now requires real-time routing within the enterprise.

"TIBCO Enterprise Message Service has long been the foundation for TIBCO's enterprise message distribution. From pure JMS applications to TIBCO BusinessWorks™ to TIBCO ActiveMatrix®, customers have been using TIBCO messaging as the backbone for their communications for over 20 years," said Matt Quinn, CTO of TIBCO Software. "With all the components needed for reliable message delivery available in a standalone, customers now have a much simpler architecture for message delivery."

TIBCO Enterprise Message Service Appliance includes:

  • A complete, standalone messaging solution for enterprise-wide distribution.
  • Fault-tolerant, guaranteed messaging for fast, event-driven execution.
  • A high-availability, dual-deployment solution for guaranteed message distribution, without reliance on additional third-party software or a Storage Area Network.
  • Support for direct connection of critical applications, providing higher throughput and lower latency.


Prototypes of TIBCO FTL® Message Switch and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service Appliance will be on display this week at TIBCO's annual TUCON user conference, Sept. 24-27 at the ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Both products are scheduled to be generally available by the end of November, 2012.

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