TIBCO Delivers Breakthrough Software to Analyze Big Data in Motion

"Shared Nothing" Data Grid Overcomes Database and Storage Bottlenecks to Harness Digital, Social and Event Streams



09 April, 2012


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today unveiled an industry-first technology for "big data" analysis that helps companies mine real-time digital, social and event streams together with business transactions and other traditional data sources to make faster, smarter decisions. The new software, TIBCO ActiveSpaces® 2.0, represents an important innovation that allows organizations to slice and dice "data at rest" together with "data in motion" for more in-depth analysis.

The new software is built using a distinctive technology architecture called "shared nothing persistence," which allows data to be stored either in memory or on disk without requiring a central server. Since data can be accessed without the typical bottleneck, companies can quickly scale their analysis by adding more servers to the data grid, which scales 1:1 for more data and faster access with every server added. And because the architecture provides persistent storage, customers can shut all their machines down and restart them without losing data access — a significant challenge for most in-memory systems.

The release of ActiveSpaces® 2.0 expands TIBCO's push into the big-data market segment, which independent analyst Wikibon predicts will be a $53.4 billion hardware, software and services market by 2017. Big data has already been actively adopted in digital and social media, large financial services firms and online retailers, though the market is expanding to include large and small enterprises that want to tap new data sources to better understand customer insights, competitive trends and industry dynamics.

TIBCO ActiveSpaces 2.0 can be used by itself as a data grid to process and manage high volumes of data in real time, or as a foundational platform for in-depth analysis of big data sets in tandem with TIBCO Spotfire® analytics software and TIBCO Spotfire S+® statistical modeling software. Working together, ActiveSpaces and Spotfire® and S+® can help organizations analyze and understand the past while taking contextual action on events in real time.

TIBCO ActiveSpaces 2.0 is immediately available as an enterprise edition via TIBCO's sales force. TIBCO ActiveSpaces 2.0 also includes significant performance improvements and new features including .NET support, OSX support and AIX support.

Supporting Quote:

"We're excited to help our customers and other big-data pioneers break through the bottlenecks of traditional database and storage technology," said Matt Quinn, chief technology officer of TIBCO. "With TIBCO ActiveSpaces 2.0, ten servers are ten times faster than one server — whether you're storing the data in memory or on disk. This makes ActiveSpaces a critical component in high velocity and high-volume analysis and addresses our customers' big ask of big data: How can I make decisions based on real-time data streams with all the benefits of history?"

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