VERO Selects TIBCO to Support Fast, Customized Banking Services Anywhere, Anytime

Electronic Financial Services Provider to Deploy In-Memory Platform to Expand Market Presence, Minimize Costs with Unified Architecture



25 April, 2011


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced that VERO™, provider of high-performance automated financial services to banks, credit unions and retail locations, will employ TIBCO's in-memory platform to help deliver real-time processing speeds, and ensure data integrity and consistency of transactions in the most demanding environments.

Transaction processing in banking has traditionally been dominated by a three-tiered or legacy architecture that is inflexible and costly to scale. This diverse collection of legacy technologies, including mainframes, application servers, databases, and transactions processors often results in complex integrations and disjointed systems.

VERO will be making extensive use of TIBCO ActiveSpaces® Transactions to manage the high performance and "always-on" availability requirements that are expected from its automated financial services solution. Millions of members and customers will benefit from the convenience of executing common financial transactions such as making deposits, cashing checks, or accessing accounts in convenient locations anywhere, anytime of the day.

TIBCO ActiveSpaces Transactions provides a fully distributed, in-memory transaction management mechanism that has been benchmarked to run more than 2,000 transactions per second for credit card acquiring applications in a high-availability environment running on commodity hardware.

Supporting Quotes:

"The rapid growth and importance of the 'unbanked' customer segment in need of automated check cashing services, coupled with the exponential increase in transactions and the pressure to process complex financial transactions more rapidly drove us to TIBCO," said Matthew Buhler, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder at VERO. "With an in-memory architecture, we will now be armed with the ability to process data in real-time in order to effectively address the current rigorous business requirements for financial service kiosk applications, as well as support the long-term business growth of our customers."

"More and more businesses are evolving to become event-driven and using in-memory technology to process and access data in real-time, particularly segments that deal with a high number of transactions, like banking, airlines or utility smart grids," said Murat Sonmez, Executive Vice President, Global Field Operations, TIBCO. "With TIBCO, VERO is now able to effectively process and exchange data significantly faster, allowing them to rapidly respond to market trends and seize new opportunities."

About VERO

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