TIBCO Unveils tibbr 3.0: the 21st Century Universal Inbox for Social Computing in the Enterprise

tibbr adds video conferencing, desktop sharing and a host of new enhancements



28 June, 2011


TIBCO Software Inc. [NASDAQ: TIBX] announced tibbr® 3.0, a transformative upgrade to its enterprise social computing platform. First released in January 2011, tibbr empowers professionals to follow their relevant colleagues, systems, and subjects that drive their businesses.

tibbr 3.0 will add robust unified communications capabilities, including HD video conferencing and desktop sharing from within tibbr as well as strengthen integration to important enterprise systems.

Enterprise customers across 25 countries are currently using tibbr to bring together their people, data and business processes in one seamless user experience. tibbr 3.0 will add functionality across five broad enterprise imperatives:

  • Unifying Communications in the Workplace: Most enterprise social platforms have been divorced from the unified communication tools that people rely on to collaborate. With tibbr 3.0, that changes with the addition of tibCast™. Tightly integrated into their stream of interaction and conversations, users can initiate voice calls, video conferencing, or desktop sharing via a single click using tibCast. White-boarding and status meetings can be automatically recorded and reposted for further collaboration and distribution.

  • Beyond Follow, Act on Activity Streams from Enterprise Applications: Expanding on the promise of following event streams from existing systems, tibbr 3.0 will allow users to "close the loop" by acting on this information right within tibbr. For example, you can approve a purchase order or order more inventory for a popular item without leaving tibbr.

  • Adding a Social Layer to Existing Legacy Applications in Context: tibSmartwidgets adds a social layer on top of existing applications, by allowing tibbr to be embedded in any enterprise application, including CRM, ERP, and intranet portals. Depending on the page the user is viewing, this widget displays contextually relevant conversations.

  • Document Management: tibbr 3.0 will have the capability to unlock documents from information repositories and make them a part of the conversation. Do you need to find a document that is stored on Microsoft® SharePoint®? Search on tibbr. Using tibbr 3.0, people will easily access documents from their SharePoint environments, and share them with colleagues inside tibbr. They will be able to post new files back to relevant sites within SharePoint.

  • Beyond the Workplace: tibbr has enabled employees to connect with the people, processes and systems that drive a company's internal business, however companies are beginning to experience social sprawl – multiple communities for partners, vendors, and customers. tibbr 3.0 will address this head-on with tibbr Communities. tibbr Communities provides enterprises with a single platform to create, manage and monitor multiple communities while maintaining distinct identities and privacy rules for different groups of stakeholders. This allows employees to seamlessly engage and move in and out of these external communities as needed with a single login and URL. tibbr users now have the confidence that they're sharing and accessing the right information with the right stakeholders.

Supporting Quotes:

"We are a globally dispersed organization that cannot afford to navigate all over the place to find the real-time information we need the moment we need it," said Randy Wagner, Drilling Advisor, Apache Corp. "Social computing provides immediacy and enables our operations to be more efficient by working intuitively – without having to know what tool to use or what technology is involved. A solution like TIBCO's centrally exposes a wide range of contextual information, feeds and conversations that will ultimately enrich our company-wide dialogue and broaden our knowledge pool to help us make faster, better decisions."

"What makes tibbr so powerful is not just that we can share the events, content and business processes that occur inside an enterprise," said Ram Menon, TIBCO's executive vice president. "With tibbr 3.0, we will make it easy to close the loop on those processes and tasks, and do so in a collaborative manner that helps employees to accelerate their productivity.

tibbr 3.0 is slated to be generally available in August 2011.

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