TIBCO Offers New Cyber Security Platform to Protect Digital Infrastructures and Critical Information

21st Century Offering Deploys System-Wide Surveillance for a Healthy Cyber Ecosystem



05 August, 2011


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced a new security offering dubbed TIBCO® CyberSecurity Platform that can monitor digital infrastructures and critical information systems to anticipate and help prevent new threats before they jeopardize operations.

Traditional security solutions aimed at fortifying well-defined entry points by building a bigger lock every time there is a breach have become ineffective. Experienced intruders will continue to use system complexities to their advantage to creatively obtain unauthorized access.

Using TIBCO's unique surveillance approach, the system is designed to deliver preemptive benefits in real time, maintaining a healthy cyber ecosystem. These include:

  • increased visibility of events to recognize perpetrators of unauthorized transactions;

  • deeper contextual awareness to detect threats by correlating both activity and status changes; and

  • ability to learn, adapt and help defend itself with countermeasures that work in a synchronized manner.

The TIBCO CyberSecurity Platform is designed to work with existing technologies and security solutions that enforce security at lower-level components. TIBCO's solution, aimed at the business layer, sits on top of these components to assist in providing security at the business level.

Supporting Quote:

"The solution is not to build a bigger lock, nor a better database powerful enough to sort through avalanches of data in every government agency and security outpost and match it with other data stored somewhere else only to find six months after the fact that there has been a breach," said Dick Martin, president, TIBCO Software Federal, Inc. "The complexity of today's systems requires an offensive, preemptive approach in which you automatically monitor system patterns to detect irregularities and prevent costly damage before the event occurs."

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