TIBCO Fuels Social Business Adoption With Partner Initiative



07 July, 2011


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced tibbr® Social Club – its new global partner initiative for the company's enterprise social computing platform – tibbr®. tibbr Social Club is an innovative partner initiative under the TIBCO Partner Network Program and is open to a wide range of partners such as social strategy consulting firms, SaaS providers, ISVs, e-business application providers, mobile application providers, and IT consulting firms.

tibbr increasingly is becoming the social fabric for Global 2000 companies and is poised to permeate every industry. With tibbr Social Club, partners can:

  • optimize their existing products and services to be socially integrated and differentiated from their competition;
  • demonstrate an immediate business value-addition to their existing offerings;
  • monetize intellectual property associated with best practices, frameworks, and purpose-built apps;
  • leverage joint go-to-market with tibbr through branding, awareness, customer marketing, and lead generation programs; and
  • expand sales through the global market presence of tibbr.

In the past few months, several firms have taken advantage of these new partnering opportunities for tibbr. These include ASM Technologies Limited, BeepCast, MegaPractical, Pike Electronic, PBTI, and e-man.

For more information on the program please contact: tibbrpartners@tibco.com.

Supporting Quotes:

"BeepCast sees tibbr as having tremendous potential in the future of the workplace, where social networking tools will play an important strategic role. In Asia Pacific, companies are generally spread over several locations. tibbr allows employees in different countries to easily share their knowledge and collaborate on projects. tibbr complements BeepCast's advanced mobile messaging solutions, which are focussed on delivering valued information to customers at the right time." said Domenico Pezzaniti, CEO, BeepCast Pte Ltd.

"e-man helps large organizations implement complex system integration solutions in a cost effective and manageable way. In the past year, we have seen a rapidly expanding level of interest in Social Business. With a modern collaboration platform like tibbr, we enable our customers to improve their information sharing within the organization in a fast, secure and intuitive way," said Björn Arkenfall, Chief Operating Office, e-man AB of Sweden. "With our expert integration knowledge at e-man combined with innovative products such as tibbr, we enable our customers to integrate their employees, customers, and partners, along with critical applications and sources of information."

"For optimal management of an organization's knowledge, it is imperative for customers to adopt a corporate social computing platform like tibbr that is not only accessible to all employees but also ensures that only the right information throughout the enterprise reaches employees who need it," said Ivete de Lima, Manager of Projects at PBTI Solucoes of Brazil.

"Our customers and partners recognize the importance of enterprise social computing as a vital business tool for transforming an organization's operations in the 21st Century," said Roman Bartik, Head of Global Business Development for tibbr. "The overwhelmingly positive response we have had to Social Club is a testament to this burgeoning shift to embrace social business in the workforce. And I am very excited by the prospects that Social Club's diverse ecosystem will deliver in addressing new requirements of customers in rapidly short timeframes."

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