TIBCO and Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley Collaborate to Leverage tibbr Social Computing Software for Disaster Management Initiative

University Evaluating tibbr to Better Help Predict, Manage and Recover from Disasters



04 August, 2011


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced that Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley (CMUSV) is evaluating the use of tibbr™, the next-generation productivity and collaboration tool for the enterprise, for its Disaster Management Initiative (DMI).

The DMI was established at CMUSV in 2009 with a mission to provide open and interoperable next-generation technical solutions for all-hazard multi-jurisdictional disasters. tibbr was selected for its ability to:

  • allow geographically dispersed citizens, community groups, first responders, command centers and emergency managers to communicate in real-time;

  • securely connect DMI members with not only each other, but with the information and events generated by IT systems to streamline productivity and collaboration for more effective emergency and disaster communications;

  • deliver unparalleled flexibility in the delivery and consumption of information by allowing members to select the form, frequency and manner in which they want to receive updates. Those updates are then delivered at the requested time, to the chosen device or interface, and set in the appropriate context; and

  • empower members to internally create, contribute to, and subscribe to the real-time event streams that matter most to them, as well as subscribe to feeds from external programs, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Alerts.

Supporting Quotes:

"Social media has often been the public's eyes and ears into local and global disasters, such as the devastating earthquake in Haiti or the Canterbury, New Zealand earthquakes in 2010 and 2011," said Dr. Martin Griss, director of Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley. "We have the power with today's technology to alleviate the aftermath of disasters and emergencies by mobilizing available information in real-time to take action. We can bridge companies, agencies, researchers, civilians, and emergency professionals to conduct training and share best practices so we are even more prepared. Everyone has the common goal of helping those in need, and instead of acting in silos, why not act together through the use of technology? We are excited about tibbr's potential to unify communications, people, applications, and processes to improve disaster management."

"The DMI has an incredible amount of information from disparate sources it needs to leverage for effective emergency response and disaster management," said Ram Menon, TIBCO's executive vice president. "tibbr is data, application and process agnostic – it doesn't matter where the information is coming from or going to, as long as the right person can access and find the right information at the right time."

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