LogLogic Sets a New Standard for Data Privacy and Data Retention



22 August, 2011


LogLogic®, the IT Data Management Company, today announced the next generation of its enterprise-class, multiple-award-winning software and hardware products for IT data management, compliance and security. Advances in LogLogic 5.2 software include new functionality to protect consumers' Personally Identifiable Information, also known as PII. The software can be configured to meet a wide array of data privacy restrictions at the local, state, and national levels – a critical concern, especially in Europe, where the stringent EU Data Protection Directive, or Directive 95/46/EC, is implemented. LogLogic has also combined data warehousing and forensics analysis in its new, precedent-setting MX4020 appliance.

The announcement marks an industry first, with technology designed to provide unprecedented levels of protection for IT data. Because a breach of IT data can be irreparably damaging, LogLogic has introduced double-authentication data masking, which provides data obfuscation features to hide restricted data in reports and dashboards from unauthorized parties. This move, coupled with a new policy-based retention feature, ensures that companies can distinguish and save only the data needed to meet regulatory or policy concerns, reducing storage requirements and associated costs while protecting the company from fines.

"Today's announcement emphasizes our commitment to improve IT Data Management (ITDM) across the board," said Guy Churchward, LogLogic CEO. "It's more than just collecting logs. We're helping companies build a data management strategy that will enable them to collect and store the data they need to conform with local laws and to respect the privacy of customers and the public. More importantly, it will help improve operational efficiency overall."

LogLogic 5.2 also helps companies meet their sophisticated records retention policies. LogLogic 5.2's Policy Based Retention feature allows user fine-grained control over what data is kept, and how long it is kept. This feature is especially geared to companies whose data retention practices are driven both by regulations such as PCI DSS, but also by internal policy.

LogLogic 5.2 also expands on the company's unique ability to forward IT data from one device to numerous others. Adding compatibility with NetFlow, LogLogic 5.2 enables enterprises running multiple NetFlow analyzers to save time, money and bandwidth.

"The ability to dynamically duplicate and route NetFlow information to multiple tools is a major breakthrough for industry," said Churchward. "Network admins are relying more and more on NetFlow as a means of reducing the false positives from SEM tools. Our routing methodology can simplify that process."

LogLogic also includes a new "Replay" feature which allows users to ability to replay a period in time from captured log data, This is useful for forensics applications and the ability to refine the list list of alerts an organization finds important.

All-in-One MX4020 Combines IT Data Warehousing and Forensics Analysis

LogLogic's new MX4020 all-in-one appliance is geared to larger customers that do not want the complexity of multi-box solutions. Combining an IT data warehouse and forensics analysis engine, it can support up to 5,000 devices, 3,000 messages per second, and up to 5TB of stored data, making it ideal for small and medium-size businesses and for regional offices of larger corporations.gis

"Because our 'Get.See.Use. architecture' offers a flexibility and scalability that medium-sized business environments demand, we introduced an all-in-one appliance that would simplify IT data management," said Churchward. "And now larger companies are demanding the same type of all-in-one style solution for their data centers. With LogLogic, we make it possible to start small, think big, and scale fast."

The MX4020 is HA (High Availability) ready, and is supplied with LogLogic 5.2 pre-installed. The list pricing for the MX4020 is $75,000. For more information, engage in Live Chat will LogLogic sales at http://www.loglogic.com/live-chat.


LogLogic 5.2 software is available immediately and is a free upgrade to customers with a current support contract. The MX4020 appliance is available for ordering immediately. LogLogic 5.2 will start shipping on selected LogLogic appliances within the next 30 days. Companies can try LogLogic 5.2 for free by visiting http://www.LogLogic.com/virtual-appliance and downloading the free 60 day evaluation version.

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