LogLogic Announces Vast Increase in Collection Capabilities of Universal Collector



12 September, 2011


LogLogic®, the IT Data Management Company, announced today a vast increase in the collection capabilities of its Universal Collection Framework (UCF), the world's only WAN-aware store-and-forward technology. The expanded UCF, called the Universal Collector 2.1 (UC2.1), can collect, encrypt, compress, and send IT data from an unlimited number of locations.

The Universal Collector 2.1 is available now at http://loglogic.com/ucf

The new collector is capable of tagging and flattening the more complex application log formats, as well as providing local filtering. Both of these features simplify global collection. The UC2.1 works with the LogLogic IT data warehouse, forensics engines, and the SEM product line, in addition to all-in-one products and virtual appliances.

LogLogic sees Payment Card Industry (PCI) as the main driver behind the demand for greater scalability, as retailers bring their regional operations up to standard. Additionally, the emergence of the need for cloud logging drives LogLogic to offer this technology to remotely connect many disparate companies, divisions or organizations to a centralized logging service. The UC2.1 enables customers to gather IT data, increase resilience, reduce network chatter and encrypt data from nearly any device, anywhere.

"When we first released the Universal Collection Framework in 2010, it could collect IT data from 250 regional offices," said Guy Churchward, CEO of LogLogic. "However, our customers' increased use of the UCF has demonstrated the need to increase scalability to a global level. Now, the UC2.1 can collect IT data from an unlimited number of global and regional locations."

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