WEHI improves Human Health through mastery of disease using TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform

Australia's First Medical Research Institute to Identify Potential New Drug Therapies More Effectively by Reducing Hit Discovery Time by More Than 65 Percent



13 September, 2010


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced that Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI), the first medical research institute to be established in Australia, will employ the TIBCO Spotfire® Analytics Platform to drastically advance its drug discovery process by reducing the time it takes to filter and analyze millions of laboratory test results by more than 65 percent.

Today, life sciences organizations such as WEHI face significant pressure to quickly identify and test potential novel drug therapies. To identify these molecule candidates, WEHI scientists test a bank of more than 350,000 compounds on a daily basis. With TIBCO Spotfire's highly interactive and visual interface, WEHI researchers will be able to quickly and easily spot trends, outliers, and errors in large data volumes of molecular compounds in assay results, and explore real-time hypotheses in various conditions.

Discoveries in the Clinic

With the TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform, WEHI is also able to leverage Spotfire's integration with IDBS' ActivityBase™ drug discovery informatics database to:

  • incorporate data from both molecular and cellular screening campaigns to easily identify and exclude problematic trends in data and candidates saving valuable time for better and smarter decision making, and
  • quickly identify candidates and results for follow up to speed up the overall drug discovery process providing a unique competitive edge.

Implementation of TIBCO Spotfire has also assisted WEHI in its public-private partnership role with The Cancer Therapeutics Cooperative Research Centre (CTx CRC). CTx CRC members use Spotfire analytics to analyze the data their laboratory systems produce, delivering similar efficiency improvements on a more specific set of candidate molecules that can be analyzed in-depth by other affiliated researchers.

Supporting Quotes

"With TIBCO Spotfire, our ability to view trends in the data is greatly improved and we are now able to visualize our results in a real-time dashboard, identify and exclude the systematic errors as they occur, and run repeat samples as required," said Dr. Kurt Lackovic, WEHI's senior research officer. "Our ability to report the results to stakeholders has been greatly enhanced in terms of both quality and speed."

"Companies like WEHI serve as a prime example of how valuable TIBCO Spotfire can be to life sciences research organizations," said Ben McGraw, director of life science industry solutions for Spotfire, TIBCO Software Inc. "By giving their scientists the ability to eliminate errors, spot critical trends, and access data in real-time, WEHI can become more nimble and competitive in terms of delivering crucial, new drug therapies to market."

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