Vodafone Hutchison Australia Supports Continued Growth with TIBCO Event-Driven Software

Fastest Growing Australian Mobile Operator Revitalizes Provisioning Platform



13 May, 2010


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) has employed TIBCO's event-driven software for the '3' business to construct a sustainable real-time infrastructure that is capable of supporting the company's customer growth.

Following the joint venture between Vodafone Australia and Hutchison Telecoms Australia in June 2009, VHA became the fastest growing mobile operator in Australia*. VHA today provides services to more than 7 million customers.

To manage the ongoing growth within its '3' brand, VHA modernized its infrastructure by swapping out its former provisioning application for a real-time event-driven order management platform. The introduction of scalability to the architecture provided VHA with the ability to orchestrate high volume transaction loads with greater reliability and reduced risk.

Leveraging its new enterprise service bus (ESB) backbone, VHA was also able to take advantage of service-oriented architecture capabilities by leveraging existing applications to bring services to market faster. With decreased application development times, VHA was able to execute operations faster while exercising lower operating costs.

As the number of customers in the Australian mobile market continues to grow, so do their expectations for mobile providers to deliver phone and data services of greater quality. With this revitalized infrastructure, VHA continues to deliver an enhanced mobile user experience.

Building a Platform for Growth

The typical provisioning process for each new mobile phone purchase involves activating the customer profile using a front-end application that links to more than a dozen systems to execute multiple business processes for billing, voicemail, mobile number portability, IMEI management and credit scoring and other functions.

In six-and-a-half months, VHA revitalized its previous platform with TIBCO's messaging, complex event processing and business process management solutions. The company linked all associated systems and processes together to deliver a scalable real-time provisioning.

Today, armed with a new robust and stable platform, VHA is able to consistently meet and exceed service level targets as the company continues to grow, as well as:

  • Proactively monitor in near real-time the processing of the events leveraging TIBCO's messaging software
  • Orchestrate the management of complex events through a single real-time provisioning layer using TIBCO BusinessEvents™
  • Handle high volume transaction loads by scaling more smoothly with one system with TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™

Supporting Quotes

"We needed a dynamic platform that could support our continued growth, improve our flexibility to support new products and services, and ensure sustained reliability for one of our core business processes," said Nathan Chandler, head of BSS & IT Strategy, Vodafone Hutchison Australia.

"Real-time provisioning provides VHA with the opportunity to significantly elevate its ability to deliver the best customer experience, as well as, cater to the future mobile market," said Mark Fahmy, managing director, Asia Field Operations, TIBCO.


* Based on customer numbers, VHA is Australia's fastest growing mobile operator.

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