TIBCO Ushers in Enterprise 3.0 with New Event Driven Software, Provides Foundation for "Two-Second Advantage"

Biggest Product Refresh in Company History Will Help Businesses Manage Events, Decisions, Processes and Applications in Real Time on a Massive Scale



11 May, 2010


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced several new software platforms designed to help companies accelerate their business and technology operations to manage events, decisions, processes and applications in real time on a massive scale. The new products fulfill TIBCO's vision for "Enterprise 3.0," in which technology delivers the right information in the right place at the right time with the right context, giving businesses and organizations a significant advantage in serving their customers and managing their operations.

"We need to stop using 20th century technology for 21st century problems," said TIBCO founder and CEO Vivek Ranadivé. "Success is no longer determined by how much information people can collect. If you have just a little bit of the right information beforehand - it could be two seconds or two minutes, or even two hours beforehand - it is more valuable than all the information in the world days or weeks later. We're giving our customers that critical two-second advantage."

The new technologies being introduced here – including TIBCO ActiveMatrix® 3.0, TIBCO BusinessEvents™ 4.0, TIBCO Silver™, TIBCO Spotfire® 3.1 and TIBCO ActiveSpaces™ suite – represents the biggest product refresh in TIBCO's history. Architected for both speed and scale, the software takes advantage of key industry breakthroughs from the last decade, including multi-core processors, in-memory architecture, Web 2.0 interfaces and cloud computing.

Working together, these technologies dramatically accelerate business processes and decisions based on real-time events – and align technology to work in more natural, human, responsive ways that reflect how businesses really work. This helps address four critical requirements that TIBCO has identified for Enterprise 3.0 organizations:

  1. Manage events on a massive scale
  2. Develop and manage applications universally
  3. Connect people to technology naturally
  4. Deploy just what's needed, where it's needed

Manage Events on a Massive Scale

Databases are quickly growing from terabytes to petabytes as companies collect information that goes well beyond traditional business transactions. The challenge is how to manage and use these massive streams of information faster. Building on its leadership in event processing, TIBCO BusinessEvents 4.0 has evolved into the next-generation complex events processing platform that can handle billions of events, manage thousands of complex rules, and provides four distinct ways for users to write rules. The company also disclosed plans for a low latency messaging product - TIBCO FTL™ - that will enable financial traders, government agencies and utilities to detect and respond to critical events in nanoseconds.

Develop and Manage Applications Universally

Today's IT environments are increasingly complex, requiring teams of developers to understand and apply different tools in order to build applications, manage infrastructure, host services, run scripts, report data, manage events and track business processes. To address this complexity, TIBCO has developed a single design environment (TIBCO Business Studio™) and browser-based operator interface (TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Administrator) that works across multiple TIBCO products, dramatically improving productivity and software quality and reducing TCO.

The new design environment, based on the popular Eclipse toolset, is included free as part of the next-generation TIBCO ActiveMatrix 3.0 family. The first components of ActiveMatrix® 3.0 are scheduled to be generally available this month, including, TIBCO Business Studio, TIBCO BPM Enterprise, TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Service Grid and TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Service Bus.

Connect People to Technology Naturally

In the same way that social media, smart phones and music devices have enabled people to more naturally interact with technology, Enterprise 3.0 should embrace more natural ways for people to interact with business systems and software. TIBCO has invested extensive research and development to solve this problem, resulting in a new communication application that now allows the right information to find you (tibbr™); new process workflows that reflect 18 popular human workflow patterns identified through expert research across multiple industries (ActiveMatrix® BPM); and new "software as a self-service" models that enable users to analyze complex data, gain insights and make decisions without requiring IT involvement (TIBCO Spotfire 3.1).

Deploy Just What's Needed, Where It's Needed

Today's enterprises depend heavily on massive multiplatform environments hosting individual applications or multiple application, but often requiring significant infrastructure. TIBCO believes this approach will be replaced by a more agile deployment model in which IT managers deploy only what's needed – orchestration, mediation, Java and .Net applications, using a unified runtime deployment platform. Enterprise 3.0 organizations will also require broad flexibility to deploy applications on premise, in private clouds or off premise in public clouds.

To address these deployment needs, TIBCO is announcing general availability later this month of TIBCO Silver™ CAP (composite application platform) and TIBCO Silver™ BPM (new product for managing business processes on the cloud) by the end of this month. Looking to the future, TIBCO plans to incorporate DataSynapse™ technology into the TIBCO Silver family for cloud-based application provisioning and management. As an enterprise-class cloud platform, TIBCO Silver will now give IT organizations unprecedented flexibility to deploy new applications, extend existing ones and adapt business processes to capitalize on new business opportunities.


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