TIBCO Software Used by STMicroelectronics to Further Increase Production Efficiency by Delivering the Right Information to More Than 1,000 Manufacturing Operators at the Right Time

Software for Production Tracking and Dynamic Quality Sampling Delivers 7200 Silicon Wafers per Week Without Compromising Quality

PARIS, France


03 June, 2010


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced that STMicroelectronics, one of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers, is using TIBCO's event-driven and real-time messaging software to simplify and optimize quality control across the semiconductor chip manufacturing process on 200mm silicon wafers.

Silicon wafer production operators need a lot of information to do their jobs, requiring them to seek out and connect to multiple systems and information sources during the manufacturing process. With this in mind, STMicroelectronics has created a highly dynamic IT platform environment to help increase productivity by enabling:

  • Quicker turnaround of workloads - 24,000 tasks per day - by actively pushing crucial information - such as the precise location of materials in the 10,000m2 clean room required to complete the next job - to operators as they need it
  • Heightened production quality levels that are tailored to meet specific customer requirements by dynamically modifying the sampling of wafers according to external 'events', such as time elapsed since the last production equipment maintenance
  • Faster on-boarding of new manufacturing staff via quicker and easier training - new staff consult a single information source for all details of the job in hand

The new IT platform environment being implemented at STMicroelectronics 200mm-wafer semiconductor-chip manufacturing site at Crolles in France will leverage TIBCO BusinessEvents™, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ and TIBCO Rendezvous® software. This new system is part of a wider global initiative aimed at enhancing the company's efficiency and global market competitiveness.

Supporting Quotes

"The manufacture of silicon wafers is a complex process, with several hundred key steps. TIBCO's solutions play an important role in allowing us to deliver seamless quality control and real-time manufacturing information, allowing us to increase productivity without any dip in the quality of our product," comments Jérôme Reygrobellet, IT Project Manager, STMicroelectronics' Crolles 200 site. "This will be instrumental in ensuring the continued competitiveness of our Crolles 200 site. We expect to see rapid return on investment from these deployments, and have also designed these solutions to be easy to integrate and roll out at other STMicroelectronics sites globally in the future."

"The global semiconductor marketplace is highly competitive, placing a premium on manufacturing players to deliver productivity and cost efficiency savings without compromise on quality. TIBCO will play a key role in enabling STMicroelectronics' Crolles 200 site to become a site of recognised excellence by using event-driven, real-time information in the manufacturing process," says Fabio Pulidori, senior vice president, EMEA Field Operations, TIBCO Software Inc.

TIBCO's technology digitized Wall Street in the '80s with its event-driven "Information Bus" software, which helped make real-time business a strategic differentiator in the '90s. Today, TIBCO's infrastructure software gives customers the ability to constantly innovate by connecting applications and data in a service-oriented architecture, streamlining activities through business process management, and giving people the information and intelligence tools they need to make faster and smarter decisions, what we call The Power of Now®. TIBCO serves more than 3,000 customers around the world with offices in more than 20 countries and an ecosystem of over 200 partners. Learn more at www.tibco.com.

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