TIBCO Unveils tibbr, the First Workplace Communication Tool that Allows Information to Easily Find You

tibbr Goes Beyond Simple Chatter to Get Business and Consumer Users Timely, Relevant, Contextual Information by Combining Real-Time Technology with a Subject-Based Approach



07 December, 2009


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today introduced tibbr™, a communication tool specifically built for the workplace that allows the right information to find you. Unlike other social networking applications that focus on the concept of "following people," tibbr is the first to take an entirely new approach to social computing by allowing you to follow granular subjects and machines as well.

Conventional social utilities are typically used to build a network of real-world social connections based on relationships with people. The critical driving force in the enterprise is not tied to people anymore, but rather contextual information and expertise about subjects relevant to an individual's job. With a subject-based approach, people are decoupled from content to allow a greater degree of flexibility in what information a user needs and wants to receive at precisely the right time.

tibbr: The Workplace Communication Tool

A tibbr subject can represent a user, an application or a process relevant to a particular business user in an organization. Need to know if the purchase order relevant to your function or group or project was cut? Want to make sure the invoice for your department has been received and processed by Accounts Payable (AP)? Simply subscribe to that subject feed such as Finance, Finance.AP, Finance.AP.Marketing, or even Finance.AP.Marketing.DirectMail.

tibbr filters out all that static and unwanted information clutter by keeping the focus on subjects. This functionality affords business and consumer users the ability to wipe out duplicate posts and re-posts, and eliminate lengthy "reply all" email strings. What TIBCO refers to as: One Message, One Time. And by offering the Power of Choice, tibbr allows information to be delivered in the form, frequency and manner of your preference.

Leveraging TIBCO's proven expertise with connecting and streamlining applications and data, tibbr integrates directly with any enterprise system. Built using TIBCO Silver™ – a rapid application delivery platform for cloud computing – tibbr embodies the same real-time publish-and-subscribe capabilities that TIBCO first pioneered. tibbr delivers massive scalability, state-of-the-art security/encryption, high availability and reliability to support the demands of a workplace environment.

tibbr services will be available via a standards based API that will enable users to quickly embed the enterprise social capabilities of tibbr into systems or applications, as well as seamlessly map applications to subjects.

Supporting Quotes

"Employees don't suffer from a lack of information; in fact, too much information is hurting employee productivity," said David Mitchell Smith, vice president and Gartner Fellow at Gartner Research. "That's why workforce collaboration tools that can package relevant information together in the context of business processes hold the most promise for delivering real productivity gains."

"Business users want the ease and accessibility of the ‘Web 2.0' tools they are accustomed to using in their personal lives, but with the security, power, speed and reliability of traditional enterprise systems," said Ram Menon, executive vice president, TIBCO. "We've taken the best of social networking and combined it with our own expertise building real-time enterprise information systems to build a tool that will uniquely fulfill all these needs."


tibbr is slated to go live for TIBCO employees on Dec 14, 2009. General availability is scheduled for early 2010.

For more information on tibbr, please visit: http://silver.tibco.com/tibbr/

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