TIBCO Spotfire and Integromics Unveil New Genomics Data Analysis Solution to Speed Drug Research, Development

Integromics Biomarker Discovery 2.0 for TIBCO Spotfire® Sets Industry Standard for Advancing Life Sciences Research, Discovery, and Development



19 October, 2009


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX), together with INTEGROMICS, a provider of state-of-the-art software solutions for data management and data analysis in genomics, proteomics and drug discovery, today announced Integromics Biomarker Discovery 2.0 for TIBCO Spotfire®, a new solution that sets the standard for advanced methods of data access, normalization, pattern detection, treatment comparison, and functional analysis for scientists analyzing genomic expression data. This powerful platform plays a pivotal role in leveraging the substantial investment in gene expression technologies that the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have made in the last decade. Gaining new insights into disease biology, mechanism of action, and drug safety will be a key differentiator in early drug discovery.

The scientific and workflow knowledge of INTEGROMICS – combined with the adaptability and ease of use of the TIBCO Spotfire® Enterprise Analytics Platform – provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic research groups a powerful genomic data analysis environment that quickly finds and categorizes complex patterns. With interactive analysis and high-impact visualization capabilities, Integromics Biomarker Discovery 2.0 for TIBCO Spotfire® rapidly reveals insights and unexpected relationships in genomics data. This allows researchers and scientists to examine the expression and annotation dimensions of their data and perform a variety of numerical analyses – all in a single application. Pharmaceutical companies can also use TIBCO Spotfire® as a flexible analytics platform to combine and analyze new types of data to more quickly pursue hypotheses and research strategies.

"Integromics Biomarker Discovery is a streamlined tool for new biomarker discovery in clinical trials. The product, built on the powerful Spotfire platform, affords the user considerable flexibility in finding creative answers to challenging scientific questions," said Shoba Sharma, principal, VizMetrix. "The solution implementation has added important analytic and workflow extensions to Spotfire's core visualization capabilities. Furthermore, the Integromics technical team is very forthcoming in providing support from both technical and bioinformatics perspectives to enable users to devise innovative solutions for research and discovery."

"Having developed microarray analytics for over five years and benefitted from a successful partnership with Spotfire for several years now, we are confident that this combined solution will provide researchers with a powerful environment to accelerate discovery and provide accurate, up-to-date analytics from a single reliable source," said Imad Yassin, Global commercial Director, INTEGROMICS. "With this set of tools, life science researchers can ask and answer new questions and create an advanced problem solving environment."

"Genomics research typically involves measuring the activity of thousands of genes in many different treatments or conditions, and combining that information with other data to uncover new insight into the biology of disease and treatment," said Mark Lorion, vice president of Marketing, TIBCO Spotfire. "This solution helps researchers and scientists address one of the industry's long standing challenges of creating knowledge from mass data by easily integrating multiple data sources and transforming data into an interactive decision-making asset."


Integromics Biomarker Discovery 2.0 for TIBCO Spotfire® is available now. For more information visit: http://goto.spotfire.com/g/?YYM5SS96SH.


Integromics develops state-of-the-art IT solutions for Life Sciences (Genomics and Proteomics) in two strategic areas: data management/integration and intelligent data analysis. Over the years, the company has developed a network of collaborations and partnerships with leading industry and academic organizations to provide complete technological solutions that enable scientists to make new discoveries from their research data. Integromics operates globally in Asia Pacific, Europe and USA. For more information: www.integromics.com.


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) is a leading provider of enterprise analytics software for next generation business intelligence. TIBCO Spotfire products offer a visual and interactive experience that helps professionals quickly discover new and actionable insights in information. Distinguished by its speed to insight and adaptability to specific business challenges, Spotfire rapidly reveals unseen threats and new opportunities, creating significant economic value. Spotfire customers include industry leaders among the Global 2000 that have deployed Spotfire analytics to gain an information advantage over their competitors. For more information, visit http://spotfire.tibco.com.

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