TIBCO Helps Government Agencies Spot Hard-To-See Fraud, Risks and Threats

TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Software makes hidden relationships in intelligence, financial and network data visible to government analysts



06 April, 2009


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) has announced powerful new capabilities in the TIBCO Spotfire® Enterprise Analytics platform that allow government agencies to better explore relationships between different types of data, revealing hidden risks, fraud, and threats to help these agencies improve their effectiveness, information sharing, and cross communications.

As evident from the recent Madoff and Stanford SEC-related financial scandals, the FDA peanut butter recall and numerous FDA drug safety alerts around such products as VIOXX, government agencies are faced with an unprecedented information overload of both structured and unstructured data that they must quickly access, understand, and act upon. Analysts at these resource-strained agencies – now facing potential budget cuts – need to browse, analyze, collaborate and search up-to-date, critical information to spot patterns, trends, and anomalies and immediately ask follow-up questions about these insights.

Before Spotfire, the ability for analysts to discover insights in the information they work with daily was limited by backlogs for static reports from traditional BI systems or by ubiquitous and overwhelming spreadsheets. The TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Analytics platform offers a visual and interactive experience that is helping government analysts quickly discover new and actionable insights in complex information. Using TIBCO Spotfire®, government agencies can eliminate these issues by using the software's capabilities to make analysis a part of any process, and the ability to automatically broadcast updated analyses and share data insights to information consumers inside the organization or out in the field. The latest version of the software even allows analysts reviewing complex multi-dimensional data to zoom and rotate in three dimensions, enabling them to analyze their data in a whole new way, and quickly spot new insights or hidden patterns.

In addition, TIBCO has recently announced new products to combat the unique data analysis challenges of federal agencies. TIBCO Spotfire® Network Analytics is a new product that aids in any type of relationship analysis, from identifying email and cell phone traffic patterns to understanding social network analysis, to analyzing counter-party or supply chain relationships. TIBCO Spotfire S+® products allow government agencies to incorporate and deploy predictive analytics on very large data sets in a wide range of applications, including drug safety and intelligence.

"At all levels of government, expectations for performance and accountability have never been higher. Departments and agencies are continually asked to do more with the available resources while also improving efficiency, optimizing processes, and overcoming barriers to providing essential services," said Jim Hawley, Director of Government Sales, Spotfire Division, TIBCO Software Inc. "The TIBCO Spotfire platform, along with TIBCO Spotfire Network Analytics and TIBCO Spotfire S+ products turn complex data into useful, statistically informed, interactive visualizations that make it easier to understand and act upon their findings, while sharing this information securely across departments and among agencies."

Spotfire analytics are used by numerous government agencies which use Spotfire to visualize, analyze, query, collaborate, communicate and share information and analyses via the Web, including geospatial relationships.

For those interested in better understanding how Spotfire works to uncover new data insights, TIBCO offers free public demos visible through a standard web browser. Current demos include:

  • Government performance (OMB PART) and congressional earmarks
  • Performance Attribution
  • Operations productivity
  • Global Warming
  • World Energy Survey
  • Airline incidents reported to the FAA and recorded in the Accident/Incident Data System (AIDS)

To explore the demos, visit: http://spotfire.tibco.com/community/testdrive/

To learn more about Spotfire government solutions, visit http://spotfire.tibco.com/solutions/government/


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) is a leading provider of enterprise analytics software for next generation business intelligence. TIBCO Spotfire products offer a visual and interactive experience that helps professionals quickly discover new and actionable insights in information. Distinguished by its speed to insight and adaptability to specific business challenges, Spotfire rapidly reveals unseen threats and new opportunities, creating significant economic value. Spotfire customers include industry leaders among the Global 2000 that have deployed Spotfire analytics to gain an information advantage over their competitors. For more information, visit http://spotfire.tibco.com.

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