TIBCO Delivers Predictive Analytics to a Wide Range of Business Applications

TIBCO Spotfire Miner and TIBCO Spotfire S+ Server Releases Enable Business Professionals to Derive more Insights from Large, Complex Data Sets

Somerville, Mass.


17 February, 2009


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced two new products, TIBCO Spotfire Miner™ 8.1 and TIBCO Spotfire S+® Server 8.1, that allow enterprises to incorporate and deploy predictive analytics on very large data sets in a wide range of business applications. The software encourages better, more informed business decisions across the enterprise by utilizing the TIBCO Spotfire® Enterprise Analytics platform to deploy easy-to-understand business applications that utilize powerful data mining, statistics and predictive modeling to discover hidden patterns, anticipate opportunities in a volatile environment, and optimize investment in limited resources.

TIBCO continues to advance the industry's most flexible platform for deploying statistically enhanced and predictive analytic applications to a wide range of professionals across the enterprise. Not only does TIBCO enable statisticians and business analysts to prototype, test, and deploy analytics much faster than with alternative statistical modeling environments, but TIBCO now has a solution that offers reusable and intuitive data preparation and data mining as well.

"When analytics are put in the hands of business professionals, it drives competitive advantage and greater predictability for the business," said Mark Lorion, vice president of Marketing, TIBCO Spotfire. "The addition of robust data mining, computational analytics, and predictive analytics to the TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Analytics Platform will transform the way business professionals interact with data – whether data at rest or data in motion – and make decisions to impact business operations on a moment-to-moment basis."

Predictive Analytics in the Spotfire Enterprise Analytics Platform

The Spotfire® Enterprise Analytics Platform gives users the Power to Predict™. This ability to anticipate changes in a volatile environment can mean the difference between dying, surviving, or thriving. With this announcement, TIBCO puts the power of predictive analytics into the hands of any business user, with data visualizations they can understand, and a level of interactivity unmatched by traditional BI.

"IDC research has shown that the return on investment in advanced analytics, including data mining and predictive analytic tools, outpaces that of information access tools. Advanced analytics facilitate better understanding of past complex relationships in order to better predict the future," said Dan Vesset, vice president, business analytics research, IDC. "However, since these two types of business analytics solutions are complementary, the addition of advanced analytics capabilities to the Spotfire ad-hoc query and analysis platform better positions TIBCO to meet a diverse set of technology requirements for business intelligence and analytics."

Predictive modeling – long the mainstay of statisticians and vacant from traditional BI applications – is now available to all business professionals in any business process. From within a Spotfire data analysis, users can conduct more thorough predictive modeling powered by Spotfire S+® Server. Users can then share their interactive analyses, including guided workflows, via a local library or web-based application. By adding the advanced predictive analytics to the Spotfire® Enterprise Analytics platform, TIBCO is empowering customers to gain deeper insights into:

  • Clinical trial outcomes
  • Portfolio performance
  • Customer churn.

Powerful, Intuitive Data Preparation and Data Mining

The introduction of TIBCO Spotfire Miner™ adds data mining capabilities directly to the leading in-memory enterprise analytics platform. The release incorporates new functionality for accessing, cleaning, transforming and reducing data, enabling the application of data mining, statistics and predictive modeling in Spotfire applications. This new functionality allows Spotfire to crunch and clean data in ways that were never before possible, scaling up to handle very large data sets.

The application of data reduction and data mining methods provides deep analytic insight and enhances data through statistics and predictive modeling to guide and focus further analysis for business decision makers using TIBCO Spotfire® Professional or TIBCO Spotfire® Web Player.

Powerful Statistics integrated in any application

By combining the power of S-PLUS® statistical tools with the Spotfire® Enterprise Analytics platform, customers get a rapid prototyping environment for analytic applications that combines highly interactive, exploratory analysis with the power of statistical and predictive modeling. Statistical experts can visualize and explore model results in TIBCO Spotfire® Professional, and collaborate more easily through the creation of reusable analytical applications that can be easily shared and used by business professionals.

In addition, Spotfire S+® Server enables the deployment and integration of statistics and predictive analytics to any application through a scalable web services architecture. These applications could include Spotfire® Professional on the desktop, the zero-footprint Spotfire® Web Player, or other desktop or web-based applications. These capabilities help analysts and researchers make informed and reliable decisions at critical points across the organization.

"The S language and the S+ application have been critical to our ability to manage big data objects intrinsic to wind analytics and wind energy development," said Brad Horn, Director of Wind Analytics at NextEra Energy. "We credit our long-term interface and Spotfire consulting with unlocking new ideas and sources of value. Joint dialogue on configuration alternatives and our recent efforts to restructure legacy code is allowing us to transition from simple interactive use of S+ to a customized S+ configuration with integrated batch processing, server load balancing, and parallel processing. S+ has a central role in supporting internal decisions and our group emphasis on scale, speed, and quality."

TIBCO will be demonstrating both of these products this week at the Predictive Analytics World Conference, February 18-19, in San Francisco, California. Visit TIBCO in booth #6.

TIBCO Spotfire Miner™ 8.1 and TIBCO Spotfire S+® Server 8.1 are available now. For more information, visit: http://spotfire.tibco.com/whatsnew_splus/


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