TIBCO Contributes General Interface to the Open Source Community

TIBCO, Dojo Foundation and SitePen Work Together To Drive Innovation in Application Development



07 April, 2009


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX), announced it has completed the Dojo approval process to donate TIBCO General Interface™ source code to the Dojo Foundation. TIBCO and the Dojo Foundation have established the General Interface project to give developers access to the award winning General Interface™ source code and promote the rapid creation of reliable Ajax applications, components and portlets with the look and feel of desktop graphical user interface applications.

"General Interface is a complete Ajax-based Rich Internet Application (RIA) platform used by a large number of leading Global 2000 companies for their mission critical web applications and is the perfect complement to the Dojo Toolkit," said Dylan Schiemann, vice president at the Dojo Foundation and CEO at SitePen. "Together, this family of developer tools presents developers with an array of choices, ensuring they have access to the right tools and support to be successful. Numerous integration opportunities exist between General Interface, the Dojo Toolkit and other foundation projects and we are currently working on tighter integration between the Dojo Toolkit and General Interface for our next formal release."

This partnership with the Dojo Foundation and SitePen expands TIBCO's reach, bringing best-in-class enterprise tools directly to individual developers and small development shops while providing the freedom and financial advantages of "100-point" open source licensing models.

"By offering our General Interface source code to the Dojo development community, we hope to spark creativity and innovation in application development," said Tom Laffey, executive vice president of Products and Technology at TIBCO. "Our partnership with the Dojo Foundation is just the next step in our overall open source strategy. We are committed to bringing world class products to the open source community, offering our expertise and sharing the insight we gain from that community to enhance the value we provide to our worldwide enterprise customers. The open source code we are providing to Dojo developers is line-for-line, the exact enterprise-grade GI code currently deployed by many Fortune 500 companies around the world."

The enterprise edition of TIBCO General Interface remains a key product in TIBCO's SOA suite of products and existing and new enterprise customers can expect to receive the same world class service and support from TIBCO. Contributions from the open source community will be vetted and supported by TIBCO in order to bring the highest possible value to our customers.

General Interface is currently an open source project hosted by TIBCO, available under the BSD open source license, with an active online community that provides developers with source code, helper applications, discussion forums and public defect and enhancement tracking. Until access to General Interface is made available through the Dojo website, the TIBCO open source project can be accessed at: http://gi.tibco.com.

About the Dojo Foundation

The Dojo Foundation is a 501(c)(6) non-profit dedicated to creating a level playing field for the development of new Open Web technologies. The Dojo Foundation hosts a growing number of projects including the Dojo Toolkit, Persevere, DWR, and cometD. The Foundation has received code contributions from over 500 individuals and 50 corporations worldwide. Online at dojofoundation.org.


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