Bayer. GUVV Uses TIBCO Software to Support Greater Business Flexibility

New SOA Infrastructure to Enable Cross-System Information Exchange and Better Reuse of Existing Information Technology (IT) Investments



03 November, 2009


Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced that the Bavarian Municipal Accident Insurance Association (Bayer. GUVV) will use TIBCO's infrastructure software to easily connect its existing disparate IT systems for improved data exchange and to increase support and flexibility for reconfiguring back office business processes.

"Forging a SOA strategy is key to sustainable business agility," said Jürgen Renfer, head of IT at Bayer. GUVV. "The role of IT systems is to provide unparalleled support for key businesses processes through simplicity and robustness, eliminating unnecessary complexity. Our SOA project sprang forth from this very consideration," Renfer continued. "We chose TIBCO's solutions because they are vendor neutral and supported by an extremely large number of adapters, far more than in any other company."

Disparate systems are typically unable to communicate and exchange information with one another, making it nearly impossible to access customer data when and wherever it is needed most. Leveraging TIBCO's service oriented architecture (SOA) approach will enable Bayer. GUVV to increase process productivity through instant online access to accident processing and member contribution management data, which has been traditionally transferred through its various core systems via an overnight batch process. The option of transferring data records between both systems will also be made available without delay which has not been previously possible.

"The SOA project with Bayer. GUVV is a great example of the commitment to innovation in the public sector," said Fabio Pulidori, senior vice president, EMEA Field Operations, TIBCO. "Flexible interconnections between systems and applications with a view to delivering joint use of data and functions are at the heart of SOA creating numerous opportunities for process optimization. TIBCO is committed to helping customers achieve this vision using our solutions."

The Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University will be following the progress of the SOA implementation from an academic perspective featuring it as the subject of a future thesis. The University will determine the economic efficiency of the project, as well as produce viable scenarios for future process optimizations based on TIBCO's SOA approach.

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