Topos Labs


Topos Labs leveraged decades of machine learning experience to build the market's most cost-effective, accurate and easy-to-use NLP platform called Gracie. Gracie™ is the first no-code, AI-driven NLP platform, enabling domain experts to transform unstructured content to actionable insights in minutes without a single line of code. Gracie ingests, discovers, classifies, and quantifies complex content in documents, emails, chats, forms, and social media with industry-leading accuracy and speed. To accurately quantify content risk, Gracie’s Risk Dashboard automates the detection, risk assessment, and prioritization of confidential, sensitive, regulated, or inappropriate content. These types of content ‘blind spots' often lead to data risks and liabilities including fines, reputational damage, litigation, and loss of proprietary data or IP. Now, anyone with domain expertise, regardless of technical background, can dramatically accelerate content intelligence, discovery, DLP, insider threat/fraud investigations, and risk mitigation efforts.

North America