ZE strives to solve data-related business problems through our award-winning Data Integration and Automation Platform, ZEMA. ZE has developed a software platform to help those seeking to automate or feed data-centric business processes and systems, providing the competitive advantage of an efficient IT infrastructure and in-depth market insights. ZE helps you get the data you need and enables users of TIBCO Spotfire® to create dynamic visualization analytics in a matter of seconds while using the largest sets of data feeds.


In the Energy, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Software and Logistics industries, working with fragmented, siloed, and insecure data sources adds more complexity and cost to business processes. It often creates manual scenarios for workers that can be impossible to scale. Across functionalities like weather, statistics, shipping, and other logistics that impact all businesses, ZEMA eliminates these silos and allows the user to drill deep down into multiple data sources.

Partner Solution

ZE provides third-party API web services to enable products like TIBCO Spotfire® and TIBCO® Data Science software to authenticate and pull data from the award-winning ZEMA™, data integration and analytics platform.

End-users such as Traders, Risk Managers, and Business Analysts gain access to a single source for curated data, that allows data sheets, reports, analytics, and curves made available in Spotfire for further exploration, information visualization and better strategic decisions.

Transform your Data, a fully automated data workflow engine lets you create, validate, map, and integrate custom data sets into the tools you need.

With the right data insights, you can find hidden opportunities you didn't know existed. We build powerful extraction and analytical engines to help your users manipulate and visualize data, so you can find those insights again and again.

Take your data anywhere, with Zema it lets you extend the power of your individual data platform with a wide range of push and pull options that support easy and flexible connections.


ZEMA's advanced capabilities for data collection, analysis, process automation, and integration help corporations simplify otherwise complex and fragile business practices. By providing a single source of truth with data, ZEMA reduces risk, enhances corporate efficiency, and increases the bottom line.

Key benefits:

  • Centralized data access - retrieve data from over 1400 data sources
  • Be efficient with automation and curve management - streamline your workflow by removing highly manual processes
  • Better decision making with analysis and visualization - extract data, build sophisticated analysis, visualize results in customizable dashboards and share them across the corporation
  • Talk to any third party systems - easy and flexible connection with BI, modeling, trade and risk, ERP, settlements, accounting, and custom-built systems

Through ZEMA, users gain access to the constantly growing ZEMA Data Ecosystem that is connected to over 1,400 data sources and enables them to produce millions of market curves and analytics reports a day, fully embedding a critical client IP into a process that is automated and persevering. ZEMA is modular and can be configured to meet your business and industry needs.

With ZEMA, ZE delivers the value you're looking for when investing in your data future.

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