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Zeenea promotes agile data governance and democratized data where people are at the heart of any data project. With its metadata management platform, Zeenea's ambition is to bring people together using a common language to successfully implement a data culture well suited to their needs.


In a massively digitalized world, the more successful organizations are those that make the most of the vast volumes of data in their possession. Data becomes an asset on one key condition: it has to be exploitable. That means data has to be inventoried, described (via metadata), discoverable (via search), and accessible—a significant challenge at the scale of data held by enterprises today.

Partner Solution

The Zeenea Data Catalog provides a platform that centralizes and unifies all enterprise data via an easy-to-use interface. By collecting all enterprise metadata, Zeenea Data Catalog enables all data consumers to easily manage, govern, and understand their data assets. The Catalog automatically enriches documentation through TIBCO® Data Virtualization software and the TIBCO Spotfire® connector. Connecting to TIBCO software enables Zeenea customers to quickly and easily visualize their data through the catalog.


Zeenea Data Catalog offers a smart, connected, and scalable solution through its bottom-up approach to metadata management and data governance. It enables all end-users, with or without technical expertise, to increase their data productivity, discovery, and efficiency by enabling data democracy, or shared data assets, across the entire organization.

Because data is often scattered, out-of-date, and/or incomplete, data catalogs allow organizations to build a registry of available datasets, document them with metadata, and provide data consumers with a repository to search and view this information. Zeenea Data Catalog creates a reliable and comprehensible data ecosystem that can be accessed online through automation, maximizing simplicity in a minimum amount of time. Zeenea Data Catalog’s “next-gen” attributes make it a data catalog pure player. Benefits include:

  • Better data management. Organizations accelerate enterprise data initiatives during their digital transformation.
  • Easy to set up. The data catalog is a 100% cloud-based solution available anywhere in the world. Organizations can easily control the cost of implementation and maintenance.
  • Universal connectivity. Zeenea adapts to all systems and data strategies (edge, cloud, multi-cloud, cross-cloud, hybrid) to build an enterprise-wide information repository.
  • Automation capabilities. Zeenea's automatic feeding mechanisms, and smart suggestion and correction algorithms, reduce the overall cost of the catalog and guarantee the quality of the information it contains for data teams, and its delivery in record time.

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