Simplify and Streamline Your IoT Ecosystem

Thingstream is a cloud-based delivery platform and administration interface for enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) services—comprised of connectivity, security, visual programming, integration, support, and more for u-blox global positioning hardware. u-blox, a global technology leader, offers wireless communication solutions in automotive, industrial, and consumer markets.

Customer Challenge

IoT presents a new set of skills that may not exist within many enterprises. To be successful, organizations need to integrate various disparate applications, data, systems, people, and sensors. And, once everything is connected, they need a way to analyze and track all the data coming from their devices. Businesses need to decide how to preserve battery power, how to communicate at a low cost, and how to simplify platform integration.

Partner Solution

u-blox's Thingstream IoT Service Delivery Platform simplifies the way sensor data is collected from any type of connected device—from anywhere in the world—and delivers it natively into TIBCO products where it is transformed into meaningful, actionable business information. Data is collected using various ultra-efficient IoT communications protocols and converted to eFTL to be consumed by TIBCO Spotfire® Data Streams and TIBCO Flogo®.


The combination of u-blox, TIBCO, and their respective ecosystems enables customers to confidently implement silicon-to-cloud IoT solutions quickly and efficiently at a predictable and affordable price. Almost any type of connected device can be made TIBCO ready via u-blox's Thingstream service, speeding up IoT proof of concepts whilst ready to scale for production.

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