SkyePoint Decisions, Inc. (SkyePoint) is a leading cybersecurity architecture & engineering, critical infrastructure & operations, and applications development & maintenance IT service provider. The company provides innovative enterprise-wide solutions and targeted services that address the complex challenges of federal governments.


Agencies are facing an increased volume of security data. This situation can lead to overwhelming cyber analysts, stifling their ability to quickly and accurately identify new tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) as threats evolve. With a finite number of resources and an increasing number of security threats, cyber teams are striving to drive efficiency and effectiveness. The SkyePoint/TIBCO Threat Predict cybersecurity solution is designed to meet these obstacles head-on.

Partner Solution

Threat Predict serves as a force multiplier for security teams. It enables analysts to get out in front of cybersecurity threats by offering better data and intelligence for events and incident response. Threat Predict, built on the TIBCO Spotfire® platform, uses AI/ML to identify and prevent both known and unknown vulnerabilities and threats to enterprise environments.

Traditional solutions lean towards a broad, automated approach to cybersecurity threat prediction by monitoring for and addressing areas where known threats have or may occur. Threat Predict is different because it combines ML with a "human in the loop" approach to identify suspicious patterns and legitimate anomalies tailored to your specific mission and risk profile.

Threat Predict can pull and process an extraordinary amount of data, while at the same time limiting what your cybersecurity analysts must examine. It proactively identifies and targets what needs to be reviewed and provides actionable intelligence.


Proactively Finds Known and Unknown Threats
Addresses areas where traditional AI/ML approaches may fall short by identifying and preventing both known and unknown vulnerabilities and threats.

Increases SOC Efficiency and Effectiveness
Reduces the time and manpower needed to identify potential vulnerabilities, helping decrease threats while promoting enhanced efficiency throughout the security operations center (SOC).

Optimizes AI/ML for Individualized Agency Cybersecurity
SkyePoint expertise in model training combined with TIBCO AI/ML technology optimizes the solution for each agency’s specific environment.

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