Speed and Streamline MDM Implementation

Systemation's TIBCO EBX™ Framework accelerates development time and automates deployment for TIBCO EBX solutions. As a dedicated EBX partner for over 10 years, Systemation supports TIBCO customers with successful MDM implementation of master data, reference data, and metadata solutions.

Customer Challenge

As data strategies mature in enterprises, key custodians of data compliance, governance, and management move up and out of their implementer roles into planning. This leaves a gap in implementation expertise, causing organizations to explore new data management solutions to meet changing business needs.

Partner Solution

Systemation, a long-time TIBCO partner, developed a framework for TIBCO EBX software to address these changing business needs. Applying the Systemation Framework saves businesses development time and cost while simplifying long-term maintenance and support.

Customer use cases have shown implementation budget savings of up to 40 percent when leveraging this framework. Besides cost-savings, customers are assured quality and stability resulting from years of experience with numerous quick starters, project development accelerators, and a fully automated CI/CD framework.


Whether it is operations, analytics, or governance, data is at the heart of business processes. With Systemation’s Framework, your business can manage and govern data assets in a single place instead of all the separate applications where they reside.

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