Edenlab helps healthcare companies with interoperability, compliance, and reaching new standards. This partner is proficient in FHIR compliance and product development.


Healthcare data is complicated, with sophisticated structures and internal logic and use of varying terminologies. Using data from different sources, integrating new healthcare applications, and transferring information correctly without losses and conflicts is a huge challenge.

Partner Solution

TIBCO and Edenlab's joint solution allows for easy handling of any type of healthcare information. With unique validation features of dynamic profiles, our joint solution can validate complicated and problematic data types such as Carin BlueButton profiles, which are not so obvious for other market players.


Thanks to the low-code approach, our customers receive a highly productive system without the need to hire a lot of expensive specialists.

Joint integration of TIBCO BusinessWorks and Kodjin FHIR Server allows customers to:

  • Collect and cleanse data
  • Map to resulting terminologies
  • Normalize to FHIR structures and transform data
  • Save, validate, and store data with FHIR server
  • Expose FHIR data through REST APIs
  • Authorize clients (SMART, OIDC, OAuth2)

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