Established in 2004, Discngine delivers software solutions for data management, visualization, and decision making to companies in innovation- and research-driven industries. As a long-time TIBCO partner with expertise in TIBCO Spotfire® analytics, Discngine offers extensions and services for the platform.


Efficient data science requires many tools and often many manual steps. Moreover, delivering data science workflows to business users in a production environment can be challenging.

Data-driven approaches help organizations succeed by enabling efficient decision making. But data-driven strategies also require the ability to manipulate, wrangle, and visualize large datasets, find insights, and build, test, and run sophisticated statistical, ML, and AI models.

Partner Solution

The Discngine Spotfire Connector for KNIME module was created to streamline integration of compute-intensive workflows running in the KNIME Server with powerful Spotfire analytics capabilities. By embedding KNIME-based data functions into Spotfire documents, without requiring any scripting or coding, this Discngine Connector module enables delivery of efficient and productive data science applications.

KNIME comes from Konstanz Information Miner. The KNIME Server’s REST API allows integrating workflows deployed on the KNIME Server with other applications.

The Spotfire Connector for KNIME is composed of:

  • A Spotfire extension based on the public API, extending the data functions feature to include a specific Data Function Executor and an associated specific UI for KNIME workflow registration
  • A set of KNIME nodes implementing the latest version of the Spotfire Binary Data File (SBDF) Writer and Reader API, with the ability to handle binary object data columns


  • Workflow Integration: Bi-directional data exchange between Spotfire data tables and KNIME workflows
  • Flexibility: Ability to run in all Spotfire environments: Analyst, Web Player, Automation Services
  • Rapid Implementation: Ready-made ML/AI workflows for the Spotfire environment
  • Industry Ready: Support for binary data columns (images, molecular structures, biological sequences)
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all supported LTS versions of Spotfire analytics

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