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Calculating social risks based on mathematical models can become too much to manage. It is in a business’s best interest to make the data accessible through a single operational area.

Partner Solution

In partnership with TIBCO, the Safety monitoring for physical infrastructures solution uses TIBCO Streaming and TIBCO Spotfire to evaluate the consequences of asset failure and calculates the risk index. It allows organizations to analyze data and simplify research using granular visual analytics, summary reports, and intuitive dashboards.

The solution is a monitoring and simulation platform, providing evidence of the degree of danger for each point of the infrastructure, following a catastrophic event, forecasting the safest path in the design of a new section. The data can be used through advanced but simple user interfaces. The search for individual points of interest is facilitated by an intuitive graphical view based on cartographic maps, for example on networks in the territory that cross the data of contiguous infrastructures or population densities. The dashboards are customizable by the user as well as the synthetic reports that each user can create.

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica supported the adoption of an integrated application solution for a leading infrastructure operator. Its Safety monitoring for physical infrastructures solution was used to provide monitoring and analysis of operating conditions. This event-driven platform allows running what-if analyses to evaluate the potential effects of various events on the adjacent population. It displays data in a comprehensive and intuitive way and enables evaluating scenario analyses and projections.


The solution supports the decision-making process for infrastructure interventions and modifications. Adhering to Digital Twin principles, it:

  • Estimates network asset values (pressure, load, stability, etc.) and calculates the impact on users with what-if analyses
  • Simulates infrastructure response and calculates risk
  • Compares real and simulated risk estimates

The analysis of the situation can lead to corrective or predictive actions. The modification of one of the parameters of the infrastructure immediately leads to knowing if and by how much the degree of danger of that point of the network is lowered. This allows the user to compare the different scenarios.

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