Rivitt is a play on "rivet," the headed bolt that fastens pieces firmly together. For the oil and gas industry, Rivitt, an IoT and data engineering company, believes data is like a rivet. A single dataset is not all useful, but when you capture and integrate all your data, you have something strong and powerful, like an iron bridge. Organizations are constantly challenged to create value from IoT-related data. Combining Rivitt's ability to acquire and transmit data from the edge with TIBCO Spotfire® and data science products alleviates these IoT-related data challenges by providing users with immediate access to high-value analytics. Rivitt and TIBCO provide an end-to-end solution for well crews and engineers to monitor, examine, and analyze the well completion data in real time and historical ways. This combination of real-time and historical data greatly assists the analysis in the event of a real-time anomaly.


Visibility: knowing and understanding operational status across field units

Upstream oil and gas data presents numerous obstacles for companies on their digital transformation journey. Various file formats, non-standard naming conventions, transfer mechanisms, and laborious manual processes must be overcome to accelerate digital transformation.

When customers own the data, no single solution supports company-wide visibility into field operations. Rigid, third-party platforms as a service (PaaS) do not have the flexibility to fully solve this data problem.

Monitoring: ensuring standards are met and safety protocols followed

A single company's field operations can span the globe. Extreme weather, and dozens of remote locations and operational phases, are barriers to centralized data management. Coupled with multiple vendors and languages, data is more disparate and disorganized than ever.

To obtain data insights, oil and gas companies using current solutions must either accept the risk of breaches and poor data administration or build a custom solution, a type of development typically outside of their key competencies.

Efficiencies: real-time algorithmic improvement is essential—but remote monitoring laborious

Entire teams are formed simply to (usually manually) wrangle data and transform it into a usable format. When data is finally available for analysis, it is only useful for historical context.

Visibility, monitoring, and analytics are possible, but at the cost of security and data ownership.

Partner Solution

Rivitt's IoT system aggregates, processes, and sends machine and sensory data from remote O&G locations to TIBCO® Streaming software, where additional data governance can be applied. The joint solution lies within Spotfire analytics, and the resulting data can also be used by data science applications.

The solution meets the maturing needs of upstream clients. Rivitt aggregates and normalizes disparate data, provides event detection and summary analysis, and delivers it in a standardized form, no matter the data source.

TIBCO Streaming is leveraged to consume raw data, events, and Rivitt summaries, and populate its Upstream Accelerator dashboard or custom client creations. Spotfire analytics has the flexibility needed for companies to ask and solve their own business problems while maintaining complete control of their data. No third-party duplication or data breach mitigation is needed, and IT compliance obstructions are reduced.

By honoring data ownership, Rivitt and TIBCO meet client needs for security and real-time visibility. The results include powerful real-time insights and greater efficiencies. Clients have the flexibility to explore and implement novel solutions.


  • Enhanced visibility by pushing live data through TIBCO Streaming
  • Monitoring capabilities through event detection and summary analysis delivered in a standardized form
  • Increased efficiencies with summaries based on real-time, event-triggered data, not human data entry

By eliminating non-standardized and manual processes, errors and time-to-action for data-driven solutions are reduced. Third-party cloud solutions and data storage are eliminated, eradicating the potential for a data breach. Visibility into operational units is easily achieved, and alerting can be programmed to meet individual, team, and company needs.

By eliminating what Rivitt sees as a redundant step: sending data from the field to its cloud, then to the client’s cloud, it not only saves clients money, but enables the most secure data transfer. Clients are in complete control of their data the instant it is delivered to their TIBCO environment.

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