Ready Computing is a global full-services consulting firm, specializing in data-centric healthcare solutions. The partner works directly with health systems, health plans, public entities, and other healthcare organizations to integrate disparate data systems, implement Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) platforms, and build solutions that leverage the value of data interoperability.


It's often challenging for healthcare organizations to achieve a single source of information for various care resources; even though health information and social services agencies may work closely together, their data can be siloed so that needed data is often inaccessible. Patients and other healthcare community members currently do not have access to many data sources that would be valuable in addressing their needs. Through implementation of a Ready Channels/TIBCO solution, those consumers and others would get access to considerably more data to assist them.

Partner Solution

Channels for Community-based Care is designed to improve the health and economic wellbeing of individuals in the community by connecting them with needed local and regional care resources via one centralized hub. Using structured assessments, self-identification, and predictive analytics, Channels will help individuals get the care they need when and where they need it the most—all in a format as familiar and intuitive as a phone app.

Providers and researchers can also benefit. For providers, the Channels solution offers the ability to automate care coordination and referral tracking. For researchers, it offers the ability to integrate clinical data from participating social service organizations, payers, and government public health agencies, leading to better analytics that enable deeper understanding of community needs within the context of social determinants of health.


Based on TIBCO technologies, Ready Computing analytics tools use end-to-end healthcare case data and full lifecycle population health information to help spark actionable insights. Built-in Social Services/SDoH Management supports community resource network management to help accelerate health equity. The solution can also provide health information exchanges with curated alerts and powerful engagement tools.

Additionally, it provides these benefits:

  • Manages risk through targeted workflows and interventions that coordinate a person’s care across organizational boundaries.
    • Healthcare coordination provides full care team transparency, supports care transitions, and closes gaps in care.
    • Community resource management assesses non-clinical needs, matches available local services to those needs, and supports closed-loop referrals.
  • Maximizes available data sources, such as real-time events (ADTs, lab results), surveys, and assessments, to provide exceptional program enrollment options.
  • Maximizes buckets of data that may come from payers or other sources, such as analytics driven cohorts, manual enrollment, or custom-created cohorts.
  • Facilitates sustained engagement through varied communication options and caters to patient preferences with secure messaging, direct messaging, texting, video, or email.

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