Streamline Analytics Publishing in the TIBCO Spotfire® Server

The Quintus Single Server Deployment Tool (SSDT) works with TIBCO Predict products to streamline deployment on a single TIBCO Spotfire® server. By retaining connections and links, the solution reduces time-consuming errors, allowing users to easily promote work—from development to test to production—on the same Spotfire server.

Customer Challenge

Analytics capabilities are at the foundation for any business driving digital transformation, and the ability to generate data-driven insights must be accessible to all business and technical users. For business users, predefined dashboards are sufficient to meet daily needs—but advanced users may want to customize information models to fully leverage analytics capabilities within development, testing, acceptance, and/or production (DTAP) environments.

When users access a different server (such as development or test), changes can be made and promoted by an administrator to the production server. But when changes are made on the same server that doesn't have a DTAP environment, information model development can't be replicated or protected from unauthorized edits because these environments are often manually managed.

Partner Solution

The Quintus SSDT was created to circumvent the time-consuming, and error-prone aspects of the DTAP environment on a single TIBCO Spotfire server. The tool allows TIBCO Spotfire users to publish their dashboards and reports on the production server, including information models for consumers. With a single click, users can advance projects from one DTAP stage to the next—without losing meaningful connections and information links.



TIBCO Spotfire users gain the capability to make changes to information model and reports in a different environment and for a different database. And to help save time, the tool allows reports and information model configurations created by advanced users to be accessible and reproducible by others using the same Spotfire server.

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