Ping Identity PingIntelligence for APIs

Customer Challenge

The adoption of APIs in the enterprise is showing no signs of slowing down. And each API represents a potential vulnerability to corporate data, applications, and critical business systems. The fast pace of DevOps has left security teams scrambling to keep up. This coupled with incidents like shadow APIs can delay or prevent an organization from detecting vulnerabilities that could lead to costly breaches, abuse of APIs, or performance issues.

Solution Description

PingIntelligence for APIs (API cyber-attack protection) uses artificial intelligence to learn traffic behaviors to automatically detect and block threats to enhance your organization's security posture. It provides a unified view of API activity across the entire enterprise for centralized monitoring and reporting.

From multiple cloud environments, data centers to different gateways and business units, PingIntelligence can detect and block attacks such as Authentication System Attacks, Data and Application Attacks, and Targeted API DoS/DDoS Attacks.

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Consumer Goods & Retail
Financial Services
Business Services & Consulting
Data Science
Machine Learning
Asia/Pacific Rim
North America