PingOne API Intelligence works with TIBCO Connect solutions to help keep your most valuable enterprise assets safe. With continuous monitoring of all API traffic across your entire organization, you gain in-depth insights into your API infrastructure that alert you to anomalous API activity while detecting and blocking potential security threats.

Customer Challenge

Given the wealth of benefits that APIs offer, it’s no wonder that organizations are adopting them at an increasingly rapid pace. But each API your business uses can also leave your corporate data, data applications, and critical business systems vulnerable to data breaches. The fast pace of DevOps leaves security teams scrambling to keep up with threats. And growing incidents of “shadow IT” make it even more difficult to detect API infrastructure risks that could lead to costly data breaches and performance issues.

Partner Solution

PingOne API Intelligence provides an AI- and ML-driven layer on top of TIBCO Cloud™ API Management to enhance your organization's security posture. The service automatically detects and blocks threats and provides a unified view of API activity across your enterprise for convenient, centralized monitoring and reporting.

From multiple cloud environments and data centers to different gateways and business units, PingOne API Intelligence can detect and block attacks such as authentication system attacks, data and application attacks, and targeted API distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.


The PingOne API Intelligence AI layer continuously analyzes all activity to block API hacks, stop account takeovers, and identify abnormal API behavior while providing deep API traffic visibility and reporting across all TIBCO Cloud API Management clusters. PingOne API Intelligence and TIBCO work together to provide a smarter solution that proactively works to keep your enterprise assets safe.

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