About u-blox

u‑blox is a global technology leader in positioning and wireless communications in automotive, industrial, and consumer markets. Its smart and reliable solutions, services, and products let people, vehicles, and machines determine their precise position and communicate wirelessly over cellular and short-range networks.

About iSteer

iSteer provides enterprise business solutions to help build next-generation organizations by bringing fresh ideas and a strategic perspective to every engagement. The company’s insights are backed by a rigorous process of analysis and solution development in the areas of integration, data management, and digital transformation.


Many enterprise IoT projects have failed due to challenges in overcoming the immensity of project scope. Together, u-blox, iSteer, and TIBCO have built an end-to-end IoT platform to solve customer pain points in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, telematics, and more.

Partner Solution

u-blox provides IoT devices that can operate anywhere in the world at a low cost, enabling ease of capturing data at the edge. This data is accessible by analytics and application integration capabilities and can be seamlessly transformed. 

iSteer is then positioned to use its unique experience with TIBCO edge integration, messaging, data science, and analytics to deliver a fully-developed end-customer solution.

The u-blox Thingstream IoT Service Delivery Platform simplifies the way sensor data is collected from any type of connected device and delivers it natively into TIBCO products. The data is collected using various ultra-efficient IoT communications protocols and converted to TIBCO eFTL™messaging for consumption by TIBCO Spotfire® Data Streams and TIBCO Flogo® software.


The fusion of u-blox cost-effective IoT devices, TIBCO capabilities, and iSteer SmartFlo platform facilitates communication, data flow, and device management for predictive analytics and intelligent asset maintenance solutions for customers.

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