Microservices and API Platform (IMAP)

Customer Challenge

Microservices are the new standard for application architecture. Given the pace of change in today's business environment, enterprises are trying to rapidly execute microservices projects at scale. However, adoption of microservices presents its own set of challenges. In addition to a complex technology stack and large numbers of new components to manage and monitor, there are the challenges of adoption and agility, team organization, and finding right-skilled people.

Solution Description

These challenges are best addressed with a platform-based approach to microservices delivery that provides the foundational building blocks for cloud-native runtimes, dev-ops, and Agile methodology, freeing application delivery teams from having to learn the entire machinery of cloud-native delivery so they can focus on business need and use cases for their domain.

Infosys Microservices Acceleration Platform (IMAP) provides a way to organize large microservices programs around agile squads aligned to business domains. IMAP is pre-integrated with many open-source capabilities and uses independent frameworks to jumpstart microservices architecture style (MSA) development.

IMAP's integration of source-to-image plugins and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) tooling completely automates the development-to-deployment lifecycle, enabling dev-ops teams to focus on business requirements, code quality, and security.

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Data Management
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