Cognizant is one of the world's leading professional services companies, specializing in transforming enterprise business, operating, and technology models for the digital era. Its Hybrid Cloud Integrator provides end-to-end automation across the development lifecycle for solutions built on selected TIBCO products.


Organizations today are evolving from centralized IT to a self-service democratized model with best practices enabled by an IT Center of Excellence team. The challenge lies in enabling those best practices across distributed design, development, and deployment of new services, including those built on TIBCO products. An automation framework that provides common coding templates and enforces standards can bring consistency and uniformity across the organization while supporting fully agile development and avoiding manual errors.

Partner Solution

The Cognizant Hybrid Cloud Integrator automates and manages the entire TIBCO Cloud™ Integration development lifecycle, enforces standardization, and increases re-usability and visibility. It provides templates, patterns, processes, automated code generation, and check-in to a repository—all accessible via a user-friendly, easily configurable, and responsive UI.

The Hybrid Cloud Integrator framework takes a step-by-step approach to execute end-to-end automation:

  • Project Initializer: Registers the project, generates baseline template code with the standards-based design pattern, and checks into the version control system using common logging and exception handling
  • DevOps Configurator: Offers easy onboarding and automatic pipeline creation of services to the DevOps platform, with support for Kubernetes, Docker, and other container platforms
  • Build and Deploy: Provides systems integration to the DevOps platform for building applications and deploying to the target platform
  • Manage and Monitor: Manages projects and deployment configurations, providing easy access to build and deployment history and serving as a single point of information


Cognizant Hybrid Cloud Integrator is a one-stop solution that automates and accelerates the complete TIBCO BusinessWork™ development lifecycle. Enforcing standardization at project initialization reduces review and clean-up efforts, speeds DevOps onboarding, and speeds time to market for new business services and products.

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