Automate Business Processes with Intelligent Document Processing

Together, Automation Hero and TIBCO provide market-leading intelligent document processing and business process automation using the TIBCO Cloud™ Integration platform. Powered by AI, the Hero Platform makes it easy to build automation apps that extract and process data from a wide range of documents and integrate with downstream applications via powerful APIs.


Most business information today consists of unstructured data stored in emails, forms, textual documents, PDFs, and other files, rather than relational databases. Companies need to tap the valuable data trapped in these resources to boost operational efficiency, increase agility, and develop higher value business insights.

Advances in AI have made it possible to use more unstructured data than ever before. However, automating even a single business process, such as AR/AP reconciliation, requires a variety of document types. Extracting valuable information from these documents typically requires a combination of optical character recognition (OCR), natural language understanding, and/or pre- and post-processing.

As a result, development cycles for automating complex processes, especially in regulated industries, can be long and expensive, require high-priced AI and automation expertise, and can fail to deliver the return on investment that the business requires.

Partner Solution

The Hero Platform delivers end-to-end intelligent automation by combining market-leading, easy-to-train AI-driven document processing with point-and-click sequencing of even the most complex document-intensive business processes. With Hero Platform, you can:

  • Extract information from any document type—structured, semi-structured, unstructured—including emails, contracts, invoices, purchase orders, bills of lading, forms, tax documents, reports, handwritten notes, and more.
  • Use pre-built AI models to turn images and scans into processable text (OCR), classify documents, and extract structured data from unstructured text.
  • Automate processes via an intuitive, no-code interface and click together document processing workflows that pre-process documents and perform a wide range of post-processing tasks.
  • Integrate with the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform to connect unstructured data across the enterprise via APIs.
  • Satisfy a wide range of automation use cases such as claims processing, know your customer (KYC), loan underwriting, contacts management, supply chain optimization, and complex accounts payable/accounts receivable (AR/AP) automation initiatives.


Realize significant cost savings and high ROI by automating document-intensive processes that were previously too difficult or even impossible to fully automate.

Speed time-to-value with an easy-to-use no-code experience that enables citizen developers to automate their own work in less than a day.

Easily tap into AI-powered automation that can be configured and trained with very little data — no data science background needed.

Tackle complex automations with platform support for your own custom AI models, and agile development and deployment methodologies such as version-controlled entities and microservice architecture.

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