Improve Surgical Efficiencies with Visual Analytics's Surgery Insights platform, powered by TIBCO Unify and Predict solutions, enables surgery departments and centers to understand and improve operational efficiency—monitoring real-time scheduling, room utilization, and surgeon performance.

Customer Challenge

Operating surgical departments come with high costs and resource requirements. Many hospital admissions are tied to surgical interventions, and inpatient stays are much more expensive when they involve surgical procedures. To ensure that surgical teams perform with precision, hospitals must provide them with the right tools and technologies.

Partner Solution

Developed by a team of experts with over 30 years of experience in decision support, information technology, and analytics,’s Surgery Insights is the ideal solution for surgery departments and free-standing surgical centers to understand and improve efficiencies. Through the implementation of reference data management and visual analytics,'s analytics portfolio monitors on-time starts, scheduling accuracy, room, and block utilization, while providing actionable insights into surgeons' performance.


Increase hospital capacity, reduce backlogs, and improve patient experiences with's Surgery Insights platform, built on TIBCO solutions. In a recent case study published by, a 450-bed hospital using Surgery Insights recaptured unused block time valued at over $4 million annually and standardized supply usage, saving another $600,000 per year. These gains resulted in ROI greater than 10X the three-year investment.

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