Surgery Insights

Customer Challenge

To ensure their teams perform with precision, surgical leaders must provide them with the right tools and technologies. Operating surgical departments come with high costs and resource requirements. Almost 65% of all hospital admissions are tied to surgical interventions, and costs of inpatient stays are likely to be 2.5x higher when involving a surgical procedure.

Solution Description

Developed by a team of experts with over 30 years' experience in decision support, information technology, and analytics, Surgery Insights is the ideal solution for surgery departments and free-standing surgery centers to understand and improve efficiencies. Through the implementation of reference data management (powered by TIBCO) and visual analytics (powered by TIBCO),’s analytics portfolio monitors on-time starts, scheduling accuracy, room and block utilization and provides actionable insights into surgeon performance. Time saved with these efficiencies can translate into increased capacity, reduced backlogs, and bottom-line cost savings. In a recent case study published by, a 450-bed hospital using Surgery Insights was able to recapture unused block time valued at over $4 million annually and to standardize supply usage saving another $600,000 per year, resulting in a return of investment that is greater than 10-times the 3-year investment.

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