Provide Trusted Data Across the Entire Data Lifecycle

HCL Technologies works with TIBCO Unify solutions to enable a trusted data view for organizations, providing customers a formal way to manage and master data assets. The HCL Data Hallmarking platform helps enterprises identify critical data elements, certify business data, and identify key improvement areas by leveraging multiple data profiling, integration, and governance tools.

Customer Challenge

With digitalization on the rise, customer demands are becoming increasingly complex. Digitalization demands a 360-degree view from a variety of platforms, such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and big data.

These technologies feed into process restructuring along with outcome-focused business models that are adaptable and scalable across the enterprise. Data is not simply confined to structured sourced datasets but spans heterogeneous, machine-generated, unstructured, and externally sourced datasets.

Partner Solution

HCL's Data Hallmarking solution provides confidence and trust across the entire data lifecycle by certifying a golden profile. The Data Hallmarking platform introduces business process rules that can pinpoint low-performing data elements and improve to the next quality level. The solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to input missing values, change incorrect values, and more in an automated fashion.

Built-in automation identifies critical data elements through end-to-end governance processes. By leveraging multiple data profiling, integration, and governance tools, the platform helps enterprises hallmark data into categories such as gold, silver, and bronze. The advent and infusion of AI and ML techniques into these data quality tools adds intelligence to data quality analysis and improvement.


The HCL Data Hallmarking platform helps businesses:

  • Create a data governance framework that resolves data quality issues
  • Scale MDM solutions to deal with the volume and complexity of data, especially with the increased use of unstructured, digital data
  • Implement contextual and analytic solutions to handle new approaches for multi-dimensional and complex hierarchical data
  • Transform to flexible and agile model-driven approaches to deliver business value

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