Connected Vehicles enabled by TIBCO

Customer Challenge

Today, many logistical organizations are challenged with the lack of an integrated system that allows them to monitor all data streams from various sensors, smart vehicle outputs, and IoT devices within transportation networks. This is further compounded with the different specifications from varying manufacturers, making a single source of truth hard to achieve, thus losing out on real-time decision-making. Without a robust integrated system, logistical organizations cannot optimize operational efficiencies, innovate for improved customer satisfaction, and sustain increasing cost-to-serve.

Solution Description

Connected Vehicles solution allows IoT-enabled smart trucks to collect large streams of data. Analytics is then performed on data collected via these vehicles, enabling logistical organizations to improve their fleet performance, driver safety, and shipment visibility. HCL Technologies uses TIBCO Streambase, Live View, and Business Works to build this connected vehicle intelligent solution to address operational management needs, including first and last-mile optimization.

With the Connected Vehicles solution, organizations can introduce new capabilities to gain commercial advantages by tracking all fleet utilization and reducing unnecessary vehicle idling. Customer experience can also be improved with real-time tracking information and proactive alerts to identify operational failures in a delivery lifecycle. With its flexible product configuration and functionality, organizations can also ensure that they stay innovative and scalable.

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