Accelerate and Streamline Cloud Deployment

The HCL ADePT Framework accelerates cloud deployment so your company can achieve the necessary responsiveness and ability for rapid change. HCL Technologies is a next-generation global technology company with a worldwide network of R&D, innovation labs, and delivery centers—helping enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age.

Customer Challenge

More and more companies are moving to cloud-native application architectures to stay ahead of digital market trends. Cloud-native platforms can give companies a fast path to newer technologies and methods that support agility and innovation such as microservices and increased scalability. However, cloud deployment can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive without proper preparation and systems.

Partner Solution

HCL and TIBCO developed a robust and scalable framework that assists and accelerates the digital and cloud journeys of our enterprise customers. The application development platform for the TIBCO (ADePT) framework, combines HCL's implementation experience with TIBCO's enterprise-class products.

ADePT invokes best practices for using TIBCO technology to build cloud-native or hybrid integration-backed applications. With the framework, you can:

  • Achieve easy microservice development through service discovery, configuration management, and circuit breakers
  • Accelerate migration to TIBCO Integration products, using TIBCO’s migration utility and the out-of-the-box features
  • Build the entire CI/CD pipeline for TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition software using Git, Apache Maven, and Jenkins
  • Deploy Export Administration Regulation (EAR) to any platform (Docker, PCF, Kubernetes, or any PaaS)
  • Automate the testing process as part of the CI/CD pipeline
  • Review code analysis with SonarQube based on TIBCO's best practices
  • Automate scaling of each deployed microservices container
  • Deploy application monitoring on Docker
  • Manage API lifecycles with TIBCO Cloud™API Management software


Easily develop microservices, monitor applications, manage API lifecycles, and review code based on best practices with the HCL ADePT Framework. Supply discrete services that can be quickly created or modified with loosely coupled microservices. By combining a devOps culture, microservices, and an enterprise integration platform as a service (iPaaS), your business can achieve the necessary responsiveness and ability for rapid change.

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