With a team of over 8,000 professionals in 50 locations, Guidehouse brings decades of experience working with the defense community to solve challenging issues, manage risk, and add value to performance.


Technologically advanced weapons systems collect and add the breadth and depth of sensor data throughout the course of any strike group mission. However, traditional methods of analyzing the resulting mountains of data and developing actionable insights from it are tedious, require an extensive workforce, and fail to deliver results as quickly as needed. Those conditions put assets at increased risk, a situation that is unacceptable by defense industry standards.

Partner Solution 

TIBCO, an industry leader in data science, machine learning, and master data management, offers a Connected Intelligence platform that seamlessly connects any application or data source; intelligently unifies data for greater access, trust, and control; and confidently predicts outcomes in real-time and at scale.

TIBCO and Guidehouse have developed and integrated software-based solutions to merge spatial-temporal feature-rich data sets from multiple sources. The solution utilizes machine learning-based capabilities to recognize and correlate relationships from disparate data sources that reference the same entity, detect new data outside the normal range of existing feeds, and provide customized visualizations to improve warfighter understanding of the combat environment.

By using advanced analytics, the defense community is able to leverage vast mountains of post-mission data from multiple sources to identify potential anomalies and better prepare for a combat environment.


The TIBCO and Guidehouse solution brings significant benefits to the defense community, including:

  1. Greater scalability
  2. Tightened feedback loop
  3. Increased analytic speed

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