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In the healthcare industry, it can be very difficult to share data across payers, providers, and patients due to disjointed system integrations. The lack of seamless data exchanges and integrated applications, combined with the need for an adaptable healthcare API ecosystem, often results in higher costs, poorer health outcomes, and a lack of coordination across the healthcare ecosystem.

All too often, providers are not paid in a timely manner and patients are unable to access records, while payers spend too much time determining associated costs. U.S. healthcare organizations realize they need to meet the deadlines for the U.S. government's Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Interoperability rules. To do so, fast, adaptable system integrations are a must.

Partner Solution

The Sage IT Framework for FHIR (SafFHIR) platform lays the foundation for healthcare interoperability and enables coordinated care, improved health outcomes, and reduced costs. This platform is built around the HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard for storing health records.

It includes out-of-the-box enterprise-grade capabilities for terminology, security, and compliance auditing with Lucene-based search, HL7 v2-to-FHIR conversion, and much more. It supports all FHIR resource types, the complete REST API, versioning, soft deletes, and other useful features.

Solution differentiators:

  • Deployment Ready
    SafFHIR is ready to be deployed in any on-premises or cloud environment and to integrate with legacy data sources for ingesting and converting records.
  • Instant Mapping to Legacy Data Sets
    Regardless of the structure and format of your legacy data source, the solution comes with a built-in staging database to map your records to FHIR resources.
  • Subject Matter Expertise
    Sage IT has in-depth experience in several FHIR implementations and certified professionals who build solutions on multiple platforms.
  • Cost-Effective
    Unlike building inoperability solutions from scratch with an API platform, this solution produces increasing value with a limited, one-time cost.


Sage IT is the industry leader in API and data management. It is a proven implementation partner providing end-to-end system integrations that adhere to best practices and industry standards. The SafFHIR solution delivers many benefits, including:

Improves Patient Decision Making
Empowers patients by giving them access to their health information, enabling them to make the best-informed decisions about their care, all while keeping the information safe and secure

Helps Reduce Costs
Drives value-based care by promoting seamless data exchange across the care continuum

Enables Technology Innovation
Promotes the use of the latest technology and standards to drive innovation and data exchange in healthcare

Provides Compliance
Helps organizations ensure compliance with HIPAA and hi-tech regulations

Provides Easy Data Integration
Integrates with critical applications, providing efficient care, coordination, and coverage

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