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Developed to standardize, describe, and govern the electronic exchange of business documents between two parties, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and its many standards have been around since the 1960s. Today, EDI is still widely used in industries with high standards of compliance, such as Distribution/Logistics, Manufacturing, and Retail.

Now, recent advancements, accelerated business, and the explosion of partnerships have caused organizations to rethink EDI and position it as just one of many integration solutions. To stay competitive, organizations must broadly enable the electronic exchange of business documents with suppliers, partners, and customers and:

  • Quickly onboard new trading partners
  • Detect and automatically respond to invalid transactions
  • Improve value-chain integration
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership

Partner Solution

iSteer's EDI Modernization solution powered by TIBCO Connected Intelligence offers enterprises the ability to automate and manage processes and transactions, track the supply chain, ensure better quality, and meet compliance standards.

The solution provides an external gateway to centrally manage and secure document exchange with trading partners of all sizes―and it seamlessly integrates partner processes with internal systems for an end-to-end business process flow. In addition, its REST APIs and web tools simplify integrations to help manage partner relationships.

With the help of TIBCO technology, iSteer's EDI Modernization solution has helped hundreds of thousands of trading partners exchange billions of transactions.


Save time, ensure accuracy, and accelerate e-commerce operations by taking control with iSteer EDI Modernization:

Workflow Management
Better manage your entire operational environment with facilitated identification and resolution of bottlenecks and failure points.

Automate Transactions
Get orders and other transactions where they need to go, automatically.

Intelligent Splitting and Routing
Keep bad transactions from entering (or leaving) your systems, and get the right information to the right destination system based on partner-specific business rules.

Reporting and Alerts
Set up automated reporting dashboards and create custom distribution lists to let the right people know about performance issues and processing problems.

Generate Acknowledgements and Transaction Reports
Automate acknowledgments to ensure partners are alerted to file transmission status and transaction acceptance.

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