Cognizant® Best Practices Adherence and Reporting Tool provides a framework for reviewing TIBCO BusinessWorks™ code. It is mainly used to validate whether applications developed using BusinessWorks™ software adhere to Cognizant- and client-defined coding standards. Cognizant is one of the world’s leading professional services companies, transforming clients’ business, operating, and technology models for the digital era.


With best practices enabled by an IT center of excellence team, the enterprise is evolving from a centralized IT model to a self-service democratized model. 

For people working within a TIBCO BusinessWorks Designer/Studio environment, finding and reporting deviations from code standards is a time-consuming task. Back-and-forth iterations between a developer and an independent reviewer increase development time. Moreover, manual reviews are error-prone because human reviewers are subject to biases and make mistakes, and omissions are costly because many technical configurations are not tested until later in the project lifecycle. Deviations can also lead to defects that become very expensive to fix when they aren’t discovered until code is put into production.

Automation across a business is becoming the norm to seamlessly enable best practices and enforce common coding templates/standards for self-service development. 

Partner Solution

Cognizant Best Practices Adherence and Reporting Tool is an automated code review solution for BusinessWorks 5x/6x/CE versions, delivering generic pre-built rules based on Cognizant’s depth of experience. It provides a framework for developing and executing custom review checks that can include user-defined errors. Warning categories for code violations save time by allowing exclusion of specific source code folders and project resources from the code review process. 

This lightweight solution is designed to execute in development or non-development environments and easily integrates with the devOps pipeline. 


Cognizant Best Practices Adherence and Reporting Tool helps organizations speed development by identifying code defects and standards violations early in the project. It reduces the cost of achieving quality code by automating the code review and reporting steps, identifying problems as close to the developer as possible, and delivering consistent, repeatable, and effective reviews.

Implementation is quick and easy with out-of-the-box support for most common development best practices and error-checks for common developer mistakes.


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