Reduce Costs and Production Issues with Quality Code

The TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 / BusinessWorks Container Edition (BW6/BWCE) Code Scanner from Cognitive Cache scans for vulnerabilities and errors to ensure your integration follows best practices with quality code. Cognitive Cache provides leading software solutions in the areas of integration and governance.

Customer Challenge

Production-environment issues are expensive to fix due to regression and application interdependencies but can be easily identified through frequent code reviews. However, manual code reviews are time-consuming, slow, and can cause friction between developers.

Partner Solution

Cognitive Cache's BW6/BWCE Code Scanner automates code and EAR file project reviews, adhering to best practices. It provides pre-packaged rules that scan for security vulnerabilities, hard-coded configurations, optimization opportunities, and known patterns of defects.

The scanner also provides PDF, Excel, or XML reports that identify issues in the code base and provide remediation proposals. It classifies these issues as bugs, vulnerabilities, and code smells—providing Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) classifications of security bugs. And it also has an extensive rules-override platform so developers can customize the code review rules and generate reports.

The BW6/BWCE Code Scanner integrates with Jenkins (or any other DevOps and CI/CD platforms) to integrate automated code review as part of the build cycles and will break the builds if there are any critical violations found.


Avoid costly re-deployment cycles and production issues. With Cognitive Cache's Code Scanner, you can ensure quality code bases are built on TIBCO Cloud Integration products, allowing you to reap the powerful benefits provided by TIBCO products.

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