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Sandhata brings the knowledge, experience, and skill to overcome complex integration barriers, enable growth and improve performance. The company understands the unique integration challenges that make it difficult to adopt DevOps and CI/CD to rapidly deliver ground-breaking solutions.

Customer Challenge

As DevOps practices take hold, the speed at which new digital capabilities are delivered increases massively. But if your quality checks can't keep up, you can end up with defects—code that deviates from standards and requirements, which places an added burden on the Ops and Dev teams.

Partner Solution

CODI Quality (Code Optimization and Development Intelligence) is a SonarQube plugin for TIBCO BusinessWorks™ that analyzes BusinessWorks code using built-in rules to deliver fast, user-friendly, actionable code reports. CODI Quality was built thanks to Sandhata's strong experience in automating integration.

Features include:

  • Fully configurable code quality rules are available out of the box
  • Add new rules at any time and create quality profiles to assign rules to specific projects
  • Ability to implement continuous code quality, configurable quality gates and flexible code analysis
  • Enable/disable code quality rules at global and project levels and skip directories or files
  • One-click generation of code analysis reports including severity level impact

As part of an automated delivery pipeline, CODI Quality embeds quality assurance to keep pace with the ever-accelerating delivery process. It provides fast, reliable, and flexible analysis, and automated user-friendly reports to highlight code quality issues in the earliest stages.

As an industry-leading integration specialist, Sandhata works with TIBCO products to provide continuous integration and delivery services for customers wishing to accelerate development cycles and rapidly introduce new capabilities and changes in production systems. Covering all aspects of the delivery lifecycle, highly skilled Sandhata consultants can implement TIBCO solutions across a range of industries.


  • Easy integration into your existing TIBCO BusinessWorks projects, and in a few clicks, full integration into your existing deployment pipelines
  • Easy integration with SonarQube UI dashboard, providing a holistic view of code quality across all projects, with drill-down and filtering of the analysis
  • Total technical debt visible for projects and systems
  • Improved code longevity due to reduced bugs, complexity, and duplications

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