The extensive variety and velocity of information streams can be overwhelming. Citizen360 is a flexible and adaptable blueprint solution designed to meet specific industry needs. By allowing a unified view of all touchpoints with all services involved in citizen relationships, its vision and mission are to offer the best citizen experience across all channels.

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The Citizen360 Solution provisions government agency services & interactions with constituents and can also be used by corporate and non-profit organizations. Extensive TIBCO integration capabilities support Citizen360 to achieve its goals through a secure method of providing data to authorized users in the format they desire.

Using user-centric principles, the solution takes a holistic, end-to-end view of the customer experience journey. The unified view is created by aggregating data from agency-citizen interactions across multiple channels and data sources and delivering personalized information relevant to the transaction at hand.

The solution aims to deliver outcomes that:

  • Increase proactivity of citizen engagement with government services
  • Consistently present the right, reliable information for decision-making in genuinely life or death situations
  • Provide certainty to citizens of what services they are entitled to and obligations of those entitlements
  • Simplify the service application process for the citizen when engaging with a service provider through clear pathways
  • Improve the clarity of the citizen’s situation and the path of interaction when a service involves cross-border agencies
  • Secure all data, especially sensitive information, with access, field, row, role, consent, cyber, and audit management

TIBCO EBX® software is the heart of the Citizen360 platform, including prebuilt data models developed using our extensive experience in data governance. Citizen360’s use of EBX software streamlines information by converting data streams into a structured format that is easy to understand and simplifies navigating through the information.

TIBCO® Data Virtualization software is used as the centralized virtual data hub to collect and distribute data safely inside and outside of the Citizen 360 platform. It also adds an additional security layer between data sources and consumers by holding metadata as opposed to physical data. Throughout its centralized virtual repository, available data can be viewed across an enterprise regardless of where it is located or in what format or platform. This approach includes access to external resource data.


Citizen360 provides benefits to data consumers, service providers, and policy administrators by:

  • Empowering citizens to have control of their personal information
  • Provisioning research analysts with a 360-degree view of services to support national research programs
  • Enabling all service providers to leverage accurately integrated data through a cohesive model to support insight-driven decisions and better service outcomes
  • Augmenting policy administration processes with modern technologies that can unify data through partnerships and data exchanges

The solution incorporates a combination of technologies for repurposing and reusing data. It enables distributed collaboration with the assurance of compliance to data governance and legislative policies. In addition to master and reference data management, capabilities include data lineage, security management, consent management, alerting and notification, messaging, and traceability.

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