JDBC Drivers

Solution Challenge

Historically, business intelligence (BI) and analytics platforms only had to access data held in a relational database—and all of the world's business data was stored in a handful of them. As long as an application could connect directly through a driver, it could read the data that was powering the business’ operational systems. This landscape has transformed, and data has become more decentralized than ever.

Today, when an organization shifts to cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid infrastructures, its customers and internal users will experience inconsistent data access due to fractured API integration. The enterprise needs analytics and BI reporting tools to consume data from all data sources, including those that are no longer relational and have their own interfaces and APIs. Integration of these diverse data sources can be very costly and difficult to maintain.

Solution Description

CData solves this problem with standards-based connectivity through a SQL interface for integrating more than 250 SaaS, noSQL, and big data sources. It offers powerful certified data connectors that simplify access to enterprise data in real-time. Connect with accounting, CRM, ERP, marketing automation, on-premises, and cloud data from the TIBCO Spotfire® Desktop, TIBCO Spotfire® Server, and TIBCO Spotfire® Data Management solutions.

CData builds standard database drivers that, instead of connecting to traditional databases, connect directly to business data. This includes real-time connection to SaaS applications and non-relational data stores. The solution opens a world of connectivity for Spotfire users. CData’s drivers are universally accessible and provide data through established data standards like JDBC. The approach allows businesses to realize the tremendous benefits and cost savings of integration while reducing complexity and expense.

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