Cadeon's Print Module (CPM) for TIBCO Spotfire® is the answer to your printing needs. CPM captures data at a point in time and stores it for regulatory requirements, helping you improve your compliance posture.

Customer Challenge

It's important to users to have different visualizations on one page while printing to support easier business use and a better user experience. Cadeon recognized that some customers wanted customizable and enhanced print and export options within TIBCO Spotfire. With CPM, users can have more straightforward options, with the ability to style the printed object, depending on the visualization.

Partner Solution

Cadeon's Print Module unlocks the ability to import various components into TIBCO Spotfire and customize the user experience. CSS style sheets control the visualization style during printing and exporting. This solution allows customers to filter and print the whole table, crosstab, and graphic visualizations—aligned closely with what they see on their monitor. Additionally, CPM's latest release incorporates features such as the ability to export and print maps to large-sized paper formats (e.g. A0).


CPM allows you to output to PDF or HTML, deliver multi-page output, easily pick desired pages, and print in portrait or landscape. With Cadeon’s CPM solution, users can print different visualizations on one page for easier business use and better user experience.

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