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Customer Challenge

To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), organizations must document all implementations pertaining to their customers' personal data. Unfortunately for organizations that address compliance tactically, using spreadsheets and employing manual processing, this approach will fail. Regulatory compliance is hardly ever "one and done." GDPR will change, and organizations will need their data management strategy to be agile, compliant, and sustainable.

Solution Description

smart.GDPR solves these challenges within a complex enterprise environment and guarantees GDPR-compliance with 100% traceability. The use of smart.Engine also allows configuration adjustments to be logged, and more importantly, no personal data is archived.

smart.GDPR's centralized compliance orchestration solution is built on TIBCO Data Management capabilities and provides a single solution to govern, manage, and consume all shared data assets. smart.GDPR and smart.Engine make it easier to manage data assets and include all the enterprise-class capabilities needed to create data-driven applications. Data stewardship, workflow, data quality, and data integration are also embedded within the solution.

A very popular use case in the GDPR sector is the full automized and compliant data deletion orchestration for enterprises.

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